wizard in training

Join lightning in his wizard training along with countless other wizards.


2. Dragon In Training (Chapter 2)

Three weeks later and Lightning was flicking through a book entitled 'Dragon In Training'. Next to him sat a very energetic dragon, who was happily gnawing on a sheep bone. "Hmm," thought Lightning, " This can't be right. To make your dragon listen tell it a-a-a joke?!" 

At that moment there was a loud 'Knock' at the door. "Wassup Sleet!" Lightning smiled whilst opening the door to his new best friend. "Nothing much Light" came a cheery reply. Behind Sleet hovered his dragon 'Coddleflop' who was excitedly flapping her wings, causing a draft around the house as she hadn't seen Lightning and his dragon in a while. "Where's Emiee?" She spoke softly like a feather in a pillow. " He's chewing the last sheep bone from his dinner in the back garden." Lightning replied. Next week was the apprentice's second wizard test. It was based on their dragon training skills and Lightning was extremely nervous. Although Emiee was a obedient dragon he was also a bit too energetic and was sometimes hard for Lightning to train. So all week Lightning spent his days training a dragon, who was on a sugar free week, to catch birds, 'sit' , 'stay', 'come' and to put his shoulders back; smile :D. 'Reluctantly' (not even close to how Lightning felt) Lightning left jokes and learnt to speak the native dragon talk.

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