Moving on

18 year old Charlotte has a fairly normal life other than the fact she was put in to care when she was 12 because her mum died and her dad abused her badly through violence and sexually she ran away and was taken into care but when she meets one direction her whole life changes.....


1. this is me

Hey, so I'm Charlotte summers I'm 18, 19 on 20th if feb, I have brown long wavy hair that comes down to half way down my back i have ocean blue eyes and quite pale skin I live in a care home with 13 other children, there's tee (13) and her brother Tyler (15), Carmen (12) and her best friend lily (12), there's Toby (19), Ollie (19), Mary (17), holli (12), sapphire (8) and her twin blue (8), Jody (15), Jessie (12), kat (14), then we have our head care worker simon and our other care worker sandi (she's like a mum to a lot of us because she's really nice and caring and has been with some of us for quite a while) then there's sort of like a care worker but she's more like one of the kids she Tracy we also have two dogs both siberian huskies called Loki and foxy loxi la la woof it. I've been in care since I was 9 years old because, my mum died when I was about 7 of cancer and then about a year later my dad started abused me and my older sister Ashley she's was 13 (but I don't know where she is now) he abused us violently and sexually, one day when he was out getting drunk or something like that, my sister told me to get out and run away as far as possible because she had found a key, I begged her to come too she eventually gave in if not we would never escape but she went to a friends house and just told me to keep going to get away from out shit father, I did as she told, I slept on the streets on a park bench for 2 nights then this kind woman took me to a care home and since then I have moved care homes 8 times and I'm settled now so don't want to be moved again, I have been fostered 4 times but only one of those times really felt like I was going to work out but the lady had a house fire and died, just after she got me out she collapsed and burnt I was 12 and had know idea what to do, now I'm back here, I have 3 really close friends, they know every thing about me as I do about them. We are more than best friends though we are like siblings, okay so there's Evie she's 19 is sort of olive skin (if you know what I mean) she's got dark brown curly hair and beautiful brown eyes she very thin and very pretty she has a great personality she can make me laugh and is extremely protective over me and sorta over meg but as I'm the youngest and the weakest she is alway trying to keep me safe, she lives with her mum and her dog, there's also Megan (meg) she's 19 she has lovely blonde hair and light blue eyes and she quite pale she's thin and very pretty, she funny and laughs ALOT she's also very caring and protective over me for the same reasons as Evie, she lives with her mum her dad her brother her sister her cat her 3 dogs and her 6 rabbits, now, there's Harry he's 20 he's got emerald green eyes and brown curly hair and lovely skin and he's very cute, he's got a lovely personality he's funny and caring but can be responsible he is always looking out for me. So that's pretty much me.

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