Moving on

18 year old Charlotte has a fairly normal life other than the fact she was put in to care when she was 12 because her mum died and her dad abused her badly through violence and sexually she ran away and was taken into care but when she meets one direction her whole life changes.....


2. first day back

Charlottes POV

*knock knock* "Charlotte get up you have an hour to get ready for your first day back at school yay before meg and Evie get here" sandi almost shouted from the other side of my door "yep okay I'm up I'm up" I replied wearily from my room "good good" she said before going to wake up the others, I got out if bed and walked over to my bathroom that was attached to my room, I got undressed and hopped into the shower I washed my self and every thing 10 minuets later I got out and dried my self and my hair then I straightened it and went over to my walk in wardrobe and pick out a outfit, I decided on a blue tank top and some denim short shorts and some toms, I went down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a blueberry muffin and sat down on the sofa and watched tv then I herd people running down the stairs it was Toby Ollie Tyler Carmen and lily I went in the kitchen to make them some breakfast, I made pancakes because it lonely took 5 mins and I had half an hour left I then sorted out my stuff for school, I had 10 mins left before Evie would be here and then 15 before meg would be here Evie always got here first as she lived closer and we always met here, so decided to take foxy and Loki for a walk when I got back Evie was sitting on my sofa talking (probably flirting) to Toby, i decided to leave them alone until meg got here, I went into the kitchen and sat down at the table and played on my phone until I heard a knock at the door, so I got up and answered the door it was meg "hey I forgot to get breakfast and I'm so hungry can i go make some toast please" she said the moment she got in the door "yes of corse you know where we very thing is" I replied whilst hugging her, I then went over to the living room the door was shut I opened it quietly and peaked in, then there was Evie and Toby making out on the sofa, I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop my self from laughing I waited a Minuit or so to see if the would notice me but they didn't so I walked in and stood there for a couple of seconds they were totally oblivious to the world around them they just sat there with there tongues in each others mouths, *cough cough* "I hope I'm not interrupting any thing here but we sorta need to leave for school fairly soon Evie I'll get you when we are leaving so you to can carry on now if you want" Evie went bright red as did Toby then he said "umm I've got to go now to get ready but umm text me ok Evie?" He said "umm yeh okay" Evie replied I tried to keep my laughter in, as Toby was leaving the room he turned round when he thought I wasn't looking he winked at Evie and blew her a kiss, then we heard meg shout "guys where are you we need to go" "Yh ok let's go" I shouted back, we walked to school and talked about stuff mainly Evie's make out session with Toby and would it or anything more ever happen.

*skip to at school*

"So do you two want to come over to night" Evie said as we sat in form time "Yh sure I'm not busy tonight" said Meg "sorry I can't I'm going to Harry's tonight and I haven't seen him for about a week but you two can come round tomorrow if yo want" I replied "Yh ok it'll be fun" Evie and meg said at the same time which was a bit freaky, then the bell went and we went off to our classes.

*skip to after school*

"Bye guys see you tomorrow love you bye" I shouted to Evie and meg as they walked if into the distance, then a land rover pulled up, it was Harry, he rolled down hi window and said "well come on then get in what are you waiting for" "hey Harry" I said before hopping in, it was silent in the car for a while but not awkward silence, but good silence until I started to talk (I'm a bit if a chatterbox) "so what are we going to do tonight?" I asked "umm I was thinking we could order a pizza then rent a couple of movies and just stay in sound good?" He replied "Yh that sounds grate I'm quite tired any way" I said, it wasn't Long before we got back to Harry's apartment, he unlocked the door and I ran in and went to the kitchen and sat on the work surface, then as Harry wasn't in here yet I shouted in a babyish voice "Haaarrryyy I'm hungwy" he then came in the room "ok baby what do you want" he said (me and him are just friends) whilst picking me up "humm ICE CREAM!!" I shouted still in a babyish voice he put me down and said "fine ok" he turned round and got out the ice cream, then once he had dished it up I jumped on his back, then he ran thorough to the living room and threw me down on to the sofa (I was giggling the whole time) then jumped next to me, we wrestled around for a while then he said "c'mon we'd better go eat the ice cream before it melts" "okay" i said chirpily and jumped up and walked into the kitchen, Harry was still sitting on the floor.

Harry's POV

"Okay" she said chirpily, then jumped up and walked through to the kitchen, I sat there for a bit until she poked her head round the door and said "c'mon then aren't you coming what up" she said so sweetly, she really nice and pretty and I really like her, but she just likes me as a friend as these thoughts went trough my mind I wasn't replying so she said "heellooo any body in there" she said whilst waving her hand in front if my face "umm yeh what" I replied "ICE CREAM HARRY" she said "oh oh yeh ok" i said, whilst we were eating the ice cream we were just talking then out of no where she flung some ice cream at me, I wiped it off my self, then I said "your in for it now summers" she giggle her cute giggle, then jumped up and ran away, she started to run frantically around the apartment, I got up and started to chase her, she new she would lose but she kept going, it only took about 30 seconds before I caught her hand tackled her to the ground, she just laid on the floor with puppy dog eyes looking so innocent, I had her pinned to the floor then I started to tickle her (she's very very ticklish) she just laid on wriggling like a spaz and laughing and saying "ok ok I'm sorry ok I'm sorry" I stopped and whispered in her ear "next time I will have no mercy summers" she giggled and pushed me off, then ran through to the living room and sat down on the sofa to watch a film, "Harry it's like 7 can you order the pizza please" she asked "Yh sure" I said whilst picking up the phone to call the pizza place, about 15 minuets later the pizza came and we snuggled down to watch a film, first of all we watched some Disney films we watched, tangled, rise of the guardians, Bambi, epic and 3 tinker bell films (I'm sort of obsessed in tinker bell) then we watched woman in black and Charlotte got scared and buried her head in my chest then I put on toy story 3 and about half way through toy story charlottes fell asleep with her head on my chest she looked so peaceful and I didn't want to wake her so when sandi started to text where on earth was she and she needed to get home strait away, I text her back saying "hey sandi this is Harry charlottes fast asleep and I don't want to wake her would it be ok if she stayed here to night and I brought her home tomorrow morning and gave her Evie and meg a lift to school tomorrow?" She text back saying "alright but just this once look after her!" "ok will do see you tomorrow" I replied. I picked her up took her through to my room laid her down under the covers and got into my boxers got into bed and went to sleep.

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