Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


2. Chapter Two

     Gravity Falls kinda reminded Girlie of something she sketched one Halloween. Dark. Drab. Dreary. Downright scary. This place would need no decorations by the time the thirty-first of October rolled by.

     "Nightmare fuel," Girlie whispered, just quiet enough for her older sister to not hear. Girlie knew that if Prez even thought that Girlie was slightly uncomfortable being here, her maternal nature would take over. The whole point of the trip would be ruined.

     Prez needed a break from being a teen mother. The stress was really getting to her. Girlie only tagged along, because unlike her semi-normal family, the idea of Spring Break in the island paradise of Hawaii didn't sound so appealing. They were supposed to be dropped off in the middle of Nowhere, but when Eustace refused to house the girls, despite Muriel's willingness to allow it, their mom made other arrangements. (A shame, too. Girlie heard they had a dog named Courage and was actually looking forward to it.)

     Girlie had no idea how she had managed to convince - what was his name? Oh! - Stanford Pines to allow them to stay. From what Girlie had learned about him by doing a background check on her laptop, he didn't exactly seem like the type of person who would openly allow random kids into his home. The man had went to some jail in Columbia!

     Girlie, although very concerned about this guy's sketchy past, kept her mouth shut.

     She got off the bus when the time came and as the bus sped off, Girlie realized that her sister and she were royally screwed. The place was run-down, and there were ginormous red letters, spelling out Mystery Shack. But the S hung upside down, making it read Mystery Hack.

     Girlie hopped up the steps to the wooden porch. She rapped on the door four times before quickly adding another knock. Doctor Who had caused her to have all kinds of little things. Don't knock four times. Don't blink near statues. Never upgrade your computer, or anything for that matter.

     The door swung open and a man appeared. Stanford Pines. He was wearing a undershirt and blue striped pajamas. But Girlie, with her Whovian-ness, only paid her attention on the fez. She wanted to scream, "I want it!" but thought better. She tended to avoid being her true seven-year-old self, and replace it with a more mature version. She kept everything close to her heart, only two people knowing her immaturity that occasionally surfaced. Prez and Mari Anne, her best friend.

     "Stanford," Girlie greeted, sounding way too mature, even for her.

     "Dweeb," he replied. He stepped in front of the doorway, hindering the girls from getting in. "Money?"

     Prez dug through her backpack for a moment before handing him a large wad of green. He took it, counted, and stepped aside. Girlie walked in, amazed by the shop. Not a good amazed, though.

     The place was filled with strange, questionable "oddities" with were really just junk used to make a quick buck. Little bogus trinkets and worthless knickknacks. "So this is your conning business?"

     "Huh?" Stanford sounded confused. Not confused like, I am not a conman. More like, How did you know?

     "Nothing, 'Mr. Mystery.' " Girlie left to look for the attic in which Prez and she would stay, leaving him dazed.

     She heard Prez say, "Sorry. She... does that," before trailing after her.


     Girlie was about to knock on the attic door, when Prez startled her. "What on earth was that?"

     "What do you mean?" Girlie knew exactly what she meant, but sometimes, she just enjoyed watching her sister struggle. She loved her and all, but sisters tended to do things like that.

     "I mean, being rude and creepy. Are you trying to scare the guy who was nice enough to let us stay here?"

     "Like he's scared of me."

     "And what was that about 'Mr. Mystery?' "

     "That is one of Stanford's aliases. Stanford 'Stan' Pines. Also known as Mr. Mystery and S618."

     "S6- What?"

     "S618. His prison number."

     "He went to jail?"

     "Yeah. In Columbia. I didn't find out what for though. Mom came in my room before I could finish looking in his file." Girlie knew she didn't need to explain anymore. Everyone knew she had trust issues. She was "cured" of it, but her mom would send Girlie straight back to a therapist if she knew the truth. Girlie was just overly suspicious of everyone. And sometimes it paid off.

     "Oh. Well, just don't be so rude about it." Prez knocked on the door.

     "It's open," called a male's voice. He sounded preoccupied and uncaring. Girlie opened the door, and was nearly knocked over her feet by a bubbly girl in a sweater, who jumped out of nowhere, screaming, "Hi! I'm Mabel!" She looked like she had eaten three times her weight in sugar.

     "Hi," Girlie replied indifferently. Mabel didn't seem to hear the tone in her voice.

     "Are you the people who are staying with us?"

     "No. We are random people, who just so happen to know how to find 6-18 Gopher Road in the middle of the woods," was Girlie's sarcastic reply.

     "Don't be silly!" Girlie walked in and dropped her bags on an air mattress in the middle of the room. Girlie then plopped next to it. She looked around for the origin for the guy's voice she had heard earlier. There was a boy in a hat laying on the bed, reading. Girlie stood up.

     Finally, something interesting.

     Girlie stood over the boy's shoulder, hearing her sister drop her items next to the other mound of bags. She didn't care at the moment.

     "Will you not read over my shoulder?" The boy sounded annoyed. Once again, Girlie didn't care.

     "What's the 'Hide-Behind?' "

     "Huh? I asked you not to read over my shoulder!"

     "Well, how could I not?" Girlie felt like this week would be very uneventful. The only thing that had caught her interest so far was a book. "What is the 'Hide-Behind?' "

     "A creature that has never been seen, and is always behind you, making a weird, rattling noise."

     "Whoa! Really?" Unlike usual, the tone of excitement in her voice was genuine.

     Sensing the fact she was curious, the boy continued, raising into a sitting position. "You see, the person who wrote this, Journal 3, spent time searching for this thing it's never been seen before, but I tried to look for it. It was a bust. Did find an owl with a maraca though."

     "You like mysteries?"

     "Yeah. This journal is full of them. Heck, this town is full of them."

     "I love them, too. I used to solve Scooby Doo mysteries ten minutes in. Same thing with Monk and CSI. Never been able to do it with Sherlock though."

     "Oh! I love Sherlock. What's your name?"

     "I'm GirlOfManyFandoms, or Girlie for short. That's my sister, Prez."

     "You met Mabel. And I am-"

     Girlie interrupted. "Dib."

     "No. Dipper. Dib?"

     "Dib sounds cooler. Besides, you remind me of him. Abnormally large head and mystery-enjoying. Although, hopefully not as to the extent of violence like him."

     Mabel randomly piped in, "I am five minutes older than him! And a millimeter taller!"

     Dipper ignored Mabel, and so did Girlie, but Prez, being the great person she is, decided to talk to her, while across the room, Girlie's conversation continued.

     "I'm not violent! I just know how to use Gravity Falls' elements to my advantage."

     The two separate conversations continued for about an hour. Dipper and Girlie talked about the weirdness of Gravity Falls. Occasionally, they heard bits of Prez's and Mabel's talking, which was Prez, trying to talk about Doctor Who or Shego, but Mabel kept pulling the topic back to unicorns and glitter. She told her about the whole family, except one member.

     "So what happened to Stan's brother?" Girlie asked. The room went silent. Girlie could feel the eyes of the twins hit her.

     In unison, they asked, "How did you know about him?"

     "It's kinda obvious, isn't it?"

     The looks of confusion gave Girlie her answer.

     "Stanford Pines is your great uncle, meaning he has to have a sibling, who would be your grandfather. You and Stan have the same surname, so the sibling has to be a brother. Your grandfather on your dad's side. Why hasn't he been mentioned by Mabel?"

     "Nothing happened to Stanley. I must have forgotten." The quick way Mabel said it determined that was a lie.

     "She remembered the names of her cat's fleas."

     "She. Forgot." Dipper enunciated the words, but he seemed nervous. "Oh! Look at that! It's eleven thirty-eight! We should go to sleep!" He turned out the light, and Girlie left the room with her pajamas and toothpaste and toothbrush, heading for the bathroom. She changed and brushed her teeth, and when she came back to the dark room, Prez was stepping out.

     She closed the door, probably so no one would hear what she said.

     "Girlie, spending all this time with you has ruined me."


     "You're so mature, Mabel is in there, five years older than you, talking about childish things like rainbows."

     "Makes you wonder who the real seven-year-old is," Girlie said with a smile and laugh.

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