Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

     "GirlOfManyFandoms Appleshine, you stand before the six elite members of the Time Council. I am Head, Rassilon. You have exactly thirty minutes to convince the Time Council to reconsider."

     Only thirty minutes?

      "Well, you should reconsider killing me off... because... I... Oh. Who am I kidding?" Girlie sat in a chair that appeared behind her. "There is no way I can convince you of anything. You aren't going to sway your opinions. I don't know why I even bothered. I'm practically dead meat."

     "You're going to give up? After all you went through, you're going to give up?" There was a hint of triumph in Rassilion's voice.

     "Might as well. Not like I was going to do anything important with my life."

     "You're wrong," said a woman who sat near Rassilion, much to his anger.

     "Nah. I know it. I'm gonna fail at everything I do in life. I even failed at living."

     "Girlie. You're wrong," the girl repeated. Rassilion gave her a stern look. "We can't lie to her. She deserves to at least know what... could have been."

     Girlie couldn't help but note how the girl said "could have been." It was like she had been silently rooting for her to win. Thinking about it, she couldn't recall her saying anything when she was being threatened.

     "Fine, Willow. Tell her all. It won't matter anyway."

     Willow turned her attention to Girlie. "What do you want to know?"

     "Anything. Will I - Would I have done anything useful?"

     "You keep Prez going. She loves you, and she needs you." Girlie began to wonder what Prez was going to do when she realized what was going on. She would either lose it, and grow cold, or she would shut herself out from the world. Was there even a difference at the moment?

     "You were going to get married. At twenty-seven. He's a great guy. You know him, but you haven't officially met. You two get married and have three kids."

     "Sounds good, but kinda like a fake fortune teller's reading."

     Rassilion chimes in. "The middle child, your son, dies when he's three."

     Girlie assumed it was a lie, to make her sad. To make her keep quiet about their knowledge of the future. But she looked at the grave look in his eyes determined the truth.

     "It gets worse. You go into depression again, but it's different than last time. You make an attempt on your life."

     Girlie unconsciously rubbed the bumps of the scars on her wrist as she imagined it all happening again. 

     "Don't listen to him. It's not that bad. Once you recover, you pull out the ol' pen and paper. You start writing again. And a year later, you're on the Bestseller list."

     "Bestseller? Really?"

     "It gets even better. You inspire people. Just like J.K. Rowling inspired you to pull your life back together and beat depression, you help others. You inspire someone to beat her own battle, and she becomes the first female president. She inspires another girl to cure cancer and later diabetes, making the two a thing of the past. You write from your soul, changing those scars from burdens to influences."

     "So, without me-"

     "Our future president kills herself. Cancer and diabetes aren't cured for another fifty years. Basically, the movement you cause ceases."

     Finally, Girlie had what she needed.

     "Rassilion, do you really want to kill me? Because if you do, billions die. Fifty years of people with cancer. A future leader. Probably more. Willow, what happens to some of the people with cancer?"

     "A boy saves at least thirty people in a bank robbery. Another becomes chief of police and finds a man who kidnapped ten children. There is man who grows up to save his girlfriend from her abusive father."

     "Think of that, Time Council. I actually mean something. Without me, death surrounds the world. Innocent people die. And I know this happens every day, but put it in perspective. This is mass murder."

     "This," Rassilion countered, "is not murder. It's life. People die all the time. Innocent or not. A few more won't matter."

     "A few? Try everyone with cancer from now until it's cured. Try a girl who killed herself, because she felt alone. Try a boy who could save thirty people in a robbery. Try someone who finds ten children who were kidnapped. Try a man who protects another from abuse. All dead because of you. Evey life is important."

     A black figure says something that sounds like the rattling of a maraca. Girlie remembered seeing a sketch of him in Journal Three. She remembered the name, "Hide Behind."

     "She doesn't have a point," Rassilion spat.
     "Well," began another before going quiet after a being glared at by Rassilion.

     "Let's talk about it."


     Minutes ticked by as Girlie awaited the decision. Her life was on the line, and she was terrified. She began to wonder if her speech would affect them any.

     Girlie smiled. She loved how she had planned it all out. Pretending to be defeated so she could find a weapon. No matter what her fate was, she had to admire her plan, as weak as it had sounded in her head originally.

     "We have come to a verdict. On a five out of six vote, GirlOfManyFandoms Appleshine, you and your sister, Prezanika Madison Luna Nightshade-Appleshine, shall live," Rassilion grumbled. Girlie guessed he was the one who voted against it. "However, in exchange for us being so gracious, you will forget everything that has happened since you enter the Dreamscape of the Time Council."

     Girlie thought about arguing. She didn't want to forget what she learned, but she never said a word, fearing she would anger Rassilion. He could probably override the decision. Besides, there was probably some universal law against her knowing the major points over her future.

     "Close your eyes."

      Girlie obeyed, feeling the world around her disappear.


     Girlie opened her eyes again. "Wha- What happened?" she mumbled to herself. She got a better look at her surroundings. She was on the log again, laying down. She watched a crowd  that she soon realized was Prez, Bill, Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and October, who she only vaguely remembered. Prez was crying, and Bill had her arm around her. Stan looked confused, and he finally asked the question that had obviously troubled him for a while.

     "Bill Cipher?"

     "Shut up. I don't have time to deal with our rivalry right now."

     "What is going on? What are you doing here?"

     "Did you hear me? A tragedy has happened, and all you care about is you and me."

     Girlie sat up, baffled. She didn't know what happened. The last thing she remembered was the altered memories. Then things went blurry. She had a dream, she guessed, because the only thing that stuck with her was a fuzzy image of Bill Cipher as a girl.

     Girlie stood up and crept to Prez. She wrapped her arms around her waist. Although she had no clue what happened, she would be a pretty bad sister if she didn't try to help. "What's wrong?" she questioned, looking up at her distressed sister.

     "Girlie?" Prez half-asked, half-screamed in surprised reply. She picked Girlie up and squeezed her so tight, Girlie felt her eyes would pop out her skull. "OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! Girlie, you scared me!" Prez began to laugh some.

      "I - I - What happened? Prez. You - You were crying. And Bill said tragedy. He said a tragedy happened. Prez, what happened?"

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