Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


20. Chapter Twenty

     "I'll tell you what you missed. While you were at Greasy's, Prez, Bill, and I hid a freaking body and had a run-in with a future murderer. Then, Bill and I argued. He said he wouldn't do something, but then he went and did it. Prez is engaged, and I am going to destroy a mind demon."

     Mabel looked at Girlie, and whispered to Dipper, "I think she's had some Smile Dip…"

     "No Smile Dip. Only death." Girlie sighed. "I might have to kill Bill."

     "I don't think you can do that," Dipper told her.

     "Well, I will find a way."

     Girlie stood up and walked to the attic door. She was about leave when she turned to them. "If Bill comes back, you tell him that I need to talk to him."


     Girlie wasn't really paying attention to where she was going. She just wanted to get away. She felt sick. She had no control. Her world was spiraling down the toilet, and she just knew that soon, she'd be knee deep in crap. 

     The way it always happened.

     "Why? Why do people have to screw things up so bad? Why do they have to be around?"

     Girlie realized she was lost. She was somewhere in the woods. Where, thought, was a mystery.


     She found a tree stump and sat on it. She wiped her face of her tears. "Bill, I don't know if you can hear me, but I hate you right now. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you." 

     There was a noise next to her. Out of a bush came a little gnome. Girlie saw the wall-eyes and remembered he was the one who had tugged on her shirt earlier that day.

     Was that this morning? It seems like forever ago.

     "Shmebulock," he said.

     "You lost, little guy?"


     Girlie sighed. "Not gonna say much more than that, are you?"


     "Yeah, I know."

     The gnome repeated his favorite word, and Girlie smiled.

     "You're so lucky, ya know? So simple-minded. You probably don't have that many problems. My whole life is a problem."

     'We can help you, Girlie.'

     The sudden voices in her head startled Girlie. She didn't know whether to answer aloud or in thoughts, but upon looking at the absent-minded gnome near her, chewing on a leaf he found, she decided to not confuse it by speaking to no one.

     You're the Time Council, right?

     'You know the answer to that. You're smart.'

     You have a lot of nerve to just go in my brain.

     'Don't blame us. Bill forgot to put your mental wall back up when he let you in our conversation.'

     Everything seems to be his fault.

     'Bill wasn't like the other demons we made. He causes things. He brings chaos in his wake.'

     I wish I could stand up for him, but I really can't think of a good reason to. Why did this have to happen?

     'You summoned him.'

     I was scared.

     'You were. No one blames you for this mess.'

     I do. I just wish I could fix it all. I need help. I need to keep Prez safe, but I can't allow Bill to have her.

     'Turn her against him. You can easily do that. He went in your mind when he brought down your mental walls. He went in your mind again when he threatened you to keep quiet before leaving the Mystery Shack. You remember your threat to him?'

     Yeah, I remember.

     'You meant it, too.'

     True. But I - I can't.

     'Yes, you can. Turn Prez against him, and you can fix all your problems.'

     I have no time for your philosophical junk.

     'No. We mean it. We, the Time Council, can give you the power to bend time and space at your will. Imagine a perfect life for you, and when the time comes, if it ever shall, that you die, you can join us as a member.'

     That sounds weird.

     'It's not. And, you can use that to save Prez. Bill can't change things, but you can. You decide the world you live in.'

     Maybe that's not such a bad idea.


     When Girlie returned to the Mystery Shack, Prez was waiting for her.

     "You've been gone for three hours! Where were you?" She sounded like a mother, which she was, but it didn't change the fact that she sounded to "parently."

     "Just clearing my head. Look, we have to talk. About Bill. There's something you need to know."


     "Bill... He... In the woods..."


     "I can't do it! I can't. Listen. Bill isn't all that bad. He wants to protect you, and he knows what to do. Marriage is the only way. I don't really approve, but there is no choice. You have to let him help you."


     "I said nothing!" Girlie screamed, shocking Prez with her sudden cry at nothing.


     Girlie winced in pain, and rested her back against the wall of the Mystery Shack. She slid into a crouching position, grabbing her temples. Prez stooped down to her level.

     "Are you okay?"


     "Please stop! Stop!" Girlie tried to argue in her head like she had earlier in the woods, but it was helpless. The agony was too much. The voices grew louder. Her brain was throbbing.

     She saw Prez say something, but couldn't hear. All she heard were the voices. The cruel voices.


     The louder the yelling, the more she began to rethink it all.

     NO! Keep Prez safe at all costs!

     She began to sob uncontrollably, while Prez, who had no clue what do to, yelled for help.

     Meanwhile, Girlie decided on two choices. The pain grew, as did her misery, and she decided that she would like to either go unconscious or die.

     "Voices," she muttered, leaving clues to Prez so that she could know what happened. "Time Council. Ask Bill, Prez."

     She was glad she had done so, because she decided wholeheartedly what she wanted, so that the agony would cease. She wanted Death. She welcomed Death.

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