Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


23. Chapter Twenty Three

Bill had found his way into Girlie's head just after hearing one word from Prez.


He supposed it meant they needed a distraction so that they could do something . . . he shrugged, deciding to place his trust in the ghost he loved like a sister. She's one of them, she knows what she's doing . . . I hope . . .

"Where do you people even go?" He asked nothing in particular in a low and inhuman growl.

After wandering into the large building that held everything - he supposed it must be the Appleshine house - Bill caught a large explosion coming from below . . .

Where the basement would be . . .

But that means . . . No, no, no!

Using his magic to propel himself, he shot down into Girlie's subconscious faster than a speeding bullet, morphing back to original triangle form as he went. After what felt like hours but was more like a fraction of a millisecond, he found himself in a dark space, facing a huge bear-like creature with constellations covering his pelt.

Is THAT the representative when they need someone to do the dirty work?

"Hey, fuzzbutt!" He shot a quick laser beam at it . . . which just ricocheted off its pelt and into the deep corners of the subconscious. The creature turned and began to lumber towards him, a look of fury in its eyes.

It had ceased the attack . . . for its new target, a certain triangle that had managed to anger it.

"Oh no."


Prez finally reached the clearing, with October a little ahead and Stan a few yards behind. The fear had caused her to move faster than she ever had before, even with the added weight and her usual lack of upper body strength.

"I am so getting fired for this, and it'll be back to having Bill translate for me." October lamented halfheartedly, then motioned for Stan to do what he needed to do.

As Stan read the page, Prez let Girlie slide down and sat on the grass, bad memories of the previous day's dirty deed flooding back as she pulled her sister into her lap.

Prez hugged her sister close, as if it would help at all, and did something she hadn't done since her mum had died. Something she had given up on.

Prez prayed.

Harder than she ever had before.

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