Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


12. Chapter Twelve

     Girlie sat down on a log in the woods. She was in the clearing, where Gideon's corpse still lay. She found it a bit creepy that his eyes stared up at the beautiful sky, but saw nothing. He was soaring up there, Girlie knew. He would be looking down at her and her sister as they got rid of the evidence.

     Girlie got up and walked to him. She kneeled over and lightly put her fingers over his eyelids. She pulled them down, shutting them to the world surrounding. Somehow, despite the dried blood in his hair, his death looked more natural. 

     "She didn't mean it, you know," Girlie told him. He could hear her, she decided. Weirder thing had happened in Gravity Falls, after all. She had seen all kinds of things she never saw elsewhere, and she had only been there three days. It felt longer though.

     "She didn't mean to kill you. It's just that Prez is protective. I guess it's a good thing. If she wasn't, I'd be in your place. Of course, you wouldn't mind that, would you?" Girlie stayed quiet a moment, awaiting reply. Then she remembered. "Look at me. I'm expecting an answer from a corpse. I've lost it."

     "Losing it ain't that bad, is it?"

     Girlie jumped. Was that Gideon? She looked around and realized it wasn't. But soon wished it had been. There was someone else in the woods. A tall boy. Girlie was about to say something to cover up, like "I was just walking in the woods and found him like that." But paying more attention, she noticed the yellow suit, the bowtie, and the top hat.


     "Good job," he said. He snapped his fingers and gave Girlie another deer tooth, which she immediately pocketed.

     "Spend much more time with you, and I'll have a collection." She went back and sat on her log. Bill followed, causing her to scoot away a bit. With him being in a human form, it made Girlie uncomfortable to realize she was alone in the secluded woods with a guy who could easily overpower her. She crossed her legs.

     After a few seconds of silence, Girlie couldn't stand it anymore. "Why are you in human form?"

     "You expect me to hide a body as an awesome floating triangle?"

     "Other than the word, "awesome," yeah, Mr. 'All knowing, all powerful mind demon.' "

     "You can't hide a body as a triangle, Girlie."

     "Have experience with that, do you?"

     Rudely, Bill gave a semi-answer. "Wouldn't you like to know."

     "Yes, actually."

     "You have a serious problem. Trust issues won't get you anywhere, kiddo."

     "Whatever," Girlie answered. She couldn't care less what Bill thought of her, but she also didn't want him to see her just as the girl with a ten-foot wall around her that people have to scale before she even thinks about leaving her fate in their hands.

     "What started these trust issues?"

     "Are you trying to be a therapist now?"
     "I'm trying to have a conversation. We're not going to start hiding the body until Prez gets here, so we might as well talk."

     "Shouldn't you know, Mr. 'All knowing, all pow-' "

     Bill cut her off. "I get it. I said I was all knowing. Don't hold that over me. Semi-All knowing doesn't sound as good." He stopped a second, allowing what he said to sink in. "I don't know it all. I know you have issues, I just don't know why. It's like how you know Gideon wants - wanted - the Journals, but you don't know why. It's better if you don't, though. So what's your deal?"

     Girlie thought. She had issues since she was born, but they weren't as bad as they were now. She knew exactly why she never let her guard down, but she didn't feel like voicing it. "Oh, you know. I get trust issues from normal things. Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies. Potato chip bags that are ninety percent air. People who say 'Listen to this great song! You'll love it!' and then play that Justin Bieber crap. Floaty triangle demons who can change their shapes."

     Bill laughed. At first, it was an unsettling laugh, but it grew warmer and slightly more human. "I know that's not why."

     "Just get out of my business."


     "Because if you don't, I might have to stick my foot so far up your butt, that you'll have to clear your throat before you fart." Girlie gave a smile, but quickly wiped it off her face. She hated to admit that she was slowly wariming up to Bill. He was seven feet up that ten-foot barrier.

     "Funny. I'd like to see you try."

     The two sat in silence a while longer. Then Bill perked up. "I got it! I know what your problem is!"

     "What?" Girlie scoffed.

     "It's your mum's fault."

     Boom. Bill just fell straight back to the bottom of the wall. Good luck getting back up.

     "With that sentence, you have lost the right to even talk to me."

     But Bill didn't listen. He went on. "Oh, but it is. Wiat. No. It's to do with her though. Hospital. She was in the hospital. Everyone said she would be fine."

     Tears built up behind Girlie's eyes, threatening to appear. "Don't. Just shut up."

     Bill was in a little world that Girlie had entered many times before. Whenever she solved something, she was oblivious to the people around. She just let the cogs in her head turn, and she'd forget everything around her. Just like Bill at the moment. He didn't hear Girlie say a word.

     "They said she'd be fine, and she wasn't. She died."

     "You're a great detective, Bill. Congratulations. Now shut up!" Girlie screamed. Tears streamed down her face.

     "It's not just that. It's - It's - It's you! Yes! It's not that others told you! No, no, no! You told yourself. You believed it! It's not that you don't trust people. It's that you don't want them to trust you, so you keep people away with little things like this. You find things to use to push others away, so they won't like you!"


     "And it's not only that! You... blame yourself for her death."

     This pulled Bill out from "The Zone" and made him look around. Girlie was on the log, her legs pulled up to her chest, her chin on her knee, sobbing. He unknowingly muttered the rest in a somber tone, "You think that maybe, if you had called her, if you had been a better daughter, if you had listened to her more, she wouldn't have died. Oh, Girlie."

     Her sobs got harder, racking her body as she realized that every word he said was true; there was not a single lie in there, for a change.

     "Oh, don't cry. Don't cry. Do - Do you want a deer tooth?" He conjured up one and stuck it in her pocket. "There," Bill said, satisfied that it would cease her tears.

     It didn't.

     "Okay, um. What do you want? Oh! Doctor Who! Do you want my bowtie? It's only a clip-on, but still." He unclipped it and laid it in her hands. She clenched her fist around it and looked up. Her tears were gone, a trail still shining on her face. Her sadness dissolved in to anger.

     "You went through my mind."


     "Don't play dumb, Bill Cipher. You went through my mind. There is no way you figured all that out on your own. You went throught my mind!"

    "Yes, but-"

    "But nothing. I don't want to hear it! It wasn't that important for you to know. And if you go through my mind again - If you go through my mind again, you won't have to worry about me kicking you. I can do worse. Much worse."

     "What?" Bill asked. There was an edge in his voice that determined that he was getting a bit scared, which rose Girlie's confidence and made her voice more steady and more grave.

     "I know you like Prez, just like I know she likes you back, but I can destroy the way she looks up to you with three words." She began to feel like the Doctor in "The Christmas Invasion." She always admired how he told off Harriet Jones. Now, she was doing it herself. "Three words, Bill. And Prez will hate you. Maybe even kill you."

     "Wha- What words?"

     "Think, Bill, We've been alone in the woods for at least an hour. What do you think I would tell her?"

     His confused expersion changed as he realized what she meant. "You don't want to do that, Girlie. I am trying to protect your sister. If she hates me-"

     "If that's true, then I suggest this. Stay. Away. From. Me."

     For a moment, only Girlie's ragged and raged breathes penetrated the silence, but soon, footsteps came in. Prez ran in, out of breath. She pointed at Bill, non-verbally asking who he was, and Girlie explained. She caught her breath just enough to say "We need to hurry. Police will search here soon."

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