Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


16. Chapter Sixteen

     When Bill suddenly flung himself at Prez and made out with her, five thoughts flew through Girlie's head:

     What the-

     Who does this buttface think he is?

     I swear to God, I will kill him! He can be murdered, right?

    Of course, he can be killed... probably.

​     Does it even matter? I'll just give him paper cuts all over his body and push him into a pool of lemonade! If he can't die, he'll wish he was dead!

     But she didn't have time to worry much. A pale teen boy ran by them and came to a halt. He looked at the group of misfits, curiously. 

     Okay… What is going on?

     Bill released Prez from their lip lock. Girlie was too distracted by the teen to yell at Bill. She was too confused. Who was he? Did Bill know what was going on?

     One question was soon answered. Or semi-answered.

     "Prez," Bill whispered, barely loud enough for Girlie to hear. "Don't turn around."

     "Wha - What? Girlie, what's going on?" 

     Make a decision, Girlie! Trust this mind demon, who will probably turn on us in a heartbeat, or don't. He seemed to be trying to avoid him. But that may just have been to keep us from something good. God, this is hard!

     Reluctantly, she laid her and her sister's fate in the hopefully capable hands of Bill Cipher. "I don't know. Just do what the jerk says." 

     Bill gave a smile that seemed like a "Thank you," to Girlie before it disappeared. It was quick, and Girlie was nearly convinced that she had imagined it. 


     Bill glared at the teen in an evil way that even Girlie couldn't match, but it didn't affect the teen the way he thought it would. He just smirked, like he was a psychopath. Probably was.

     "Who's the girl?" he said in a cruel voice that reminded Girlie of razors. Sharp and unforgiving, something Girlie knew all too well. She tugged her hoodie sleeve down a bit, attempting to hide her little reminders of the past from herself.

     Bill stepped in front of Prez, acting like a shield and pointed at Girlie. "You mean her? That's just Girlie."

     Did he just try to put my life at risk? Time to fill the pool with lemonade.

     "No. The other one. The one who won't look at me, like I'm a Weeping Angel."

     Girlie spoke up. "My sister. And you back off... or else." Her voice was wavering, which caused a laugh from the teen.

     "Or else what? Ha!  Like a puny little girl like you can scare me, Turbo."

     "That whatcha think?" Girlie had originally meant for "or else" to be an empty threat, but then she realized she had the perfect weapon, one that even Bill couldn't compete with. He let it slip. "Turbo" slipped up, and now Girlie had a way to screw with his mind more than Bill could with all his powers combined. She turned to her sister and Bill. "Go ahead. I got this."

     "Girlie. You don't want to do this. You don't know Theodore."

     "How do you know my name?" Turbo asked.

     "I know everything!" Bill hissed. Girlie thought about correcting him, saying he didn't know everything, but decided it wouldn't be smart.

     "Bill. Go. I got this."

     Bill gave one last concerned look at Girlie before walking off, Prez following.

     Girlie turned back to Turbo and said, "So, I know you'll leave us alone; the real question is this: The easy way or the hard way?"

     Turbo laughed. "What are you? Five? Six? Like you can do anything to me."

     Girlie popped her knuckles. "Hard way it is."


     Later, Girlie caught up with Bill and Prez, who were holding hands.

     Well, great. I'm stuck with him.

     She broke through their linked hands, screaming "Red Rover, Red Rover! Send Girlie right over!" She fell to the ground, laughing, like a kid half her age.

     "Girlie! What happened?" Prez asked, worry sewing its way in and out of her tone.

     "He ain't gonna bother us no more." Prez cringed at her lack of correct grammar, but Girlie didn't mind. She was in a good mood, and her "southerness" was creeping out. "I don't know who he was, but he ain't gonna wanna be near me again."

     "What did you do?"

     Girlie stood up and began walking backwards, forcing the others to keep moving as well. "He slipped up, and I, being the great detective and fangirl I am, caught on. I heard it, and he paid for it."

     "How did he-"

     Girlie cut Bill off. "You heard him. He said that Prez wouldn't look at him, like he was a Weeping Angel. But you have to look at Weeping Angels, not look away."

     "So he misused a reference? What does that have to do with anything?"

     "Shows he doesn't know much about Weeping Angels."

     Bill still seemed confused. "So..."

     "So I asked him what was the last episode of Doctor Who he watched. It was 'Blink.' "


     "So he hasn't finished up the season with Martha."


     "So, I gave him spoilers."

     "Girlie!" Prez said. "Why would you do that?"

     Bill seemed more interested though. "What did you tell him?"

     "Martha Jones dies."

     "No. Martha doesn't die," Prez corrected.

     Girlie smiled. "I know."

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