Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


6. Chapter Six

     Things had went all too fast for Girlie to comprehend. She was running with her sister in the woods, clutching her hand. She had heard a third set of footsteps running after them, confirming her suspicions that Gideon decided to follow the newbies, soon to be deadbies. She knew that anyone who had spent time in jail could do anything to the two sisters. The morbid thought had urged her to speed up.

     But she had tripped. One little tree root that stuck up too far had caught her foot, causing her to release her grip on Prez's hand. Girlie felt like Mufasa, her sibling, her only help, ripped away, as she fell to her death, or in this case, the ground.

     Girlie was dizzy as she got up. She had no clue which way to run, but she heard footsteps, and praying they were those of her sister's, she had followed them.

     She realized all too late that they weren't when she bumped right into the same boy she was running from.

     "Do you know where the Journals are?" he asked with a sneer. He looked dangerous (although he was unarmed), and Girlie figured that telling him where Journal 3 was would save her. But there was a nagging sense that told her to say, "No."

     She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Girlie settled with a violent head shake.

     Please, don't kill me, she begged in her thoughts.

     Gideon's already vicious face transformed into something evil. Demonic. "Then I don't need you!"

     A blue light engulfed Girlie, and she rose up of the ground. She knew it wasn't that high, maybe a few feet, but it felt like ten miles. She found her voice and screamed.

     Things after that were blurry. She hit the ground, and attacked her sister with a hug.

     Her sister didn't hug back.

     That's when Girlie came to her senses. She could see it all. The big branch in Prez's hand. It was red towards the bottom. Gideon on the ground. His white hair was staining red. His blue eyes staring at nothing. The lack of movement in his blue suit jacket that should have occurred with each breath.

     Prez just killed someone!

     Prez said something, that Girlie didn't catch, before fainting.


     Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!

     Girlie began to pace.

     What are we going to do?

     She tripped yet again and hit a tree, causing it to make a hollow clank. It sounded metal.

     Girlie kicked it. Clank of metal.

     She felt the tree and found it cool and smooth. The bark was painted on. There was what looked like hinges and a little further from it, a small hole, which, Girlie assumed, was the makeshift doorknob. She stuck her finger in it and pulled. A little door opened. 

     Inside was a little note:

In a jam?

Call me.

                   -Bill Cipher

     Girlie flipped the note over and found some words, which she guessed was some form of incantation.

     She read them out loud.

     "Triangle, I invoke you! I come to the defensive barrier of the mind! I will see the barrier destroyed!"


     Why is it that these things never work in English? Even half the stuff in Harry Potter is in... Latin! Latin!

     Girlie had taken a Latin class long ago, just so she could learn what the Hogwarts motto, Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus, meant. (She found out later it meant "Never tickle a sleeping dragon.")

     Taking a deep breath, she recited the lines in Latin. "Triangulum, entangulum! Veneforis dominus ventium! Veneforis venetisarium!"

     There was a flash of light, and as it died down, Girlie could see a floating triangle, with one eye, a black hat and a bowtie.

     Usually, Girlie's mind would be on the fact that Gravity Falls was probably the Doctor's favorite place to be, with the fezzes and bowties. But for a change, there was no Doctor Who fangirling going on. Girlie only managed one thought.

     Bill Cipher.

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