Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


4. Chapter Four

     Girlie was sneaking down the stairs, with Prez, Dipper, and Mabel following. They got to the bottom of the steps and saw a light flashing in the living room. A candle? A flickering light switch? No. Neither has sound.

     A television!

     Girlie crept forward, peeking her head out the archway that lead to the living room.

     Crap! Stan!

     Girlie made a bunch of waving motions, trying to silently send the message that the coast was not clear. Mabel, however, did not get it. While the others backed up the stairs, Mabel stood still. They bumped into her, causing Girlie to cringe as Mabel's flashlight dropped and rolled down the stairs. It hit each step with a thunk and at the bottom, there was a louder thunk.

     Stan perked up at the noise. He turned his head so fast that it was amazing it didn't fly off. He eyed Girlie, crouched on the floor. She gave him an innocent smile.

     "What do you think you're doing up?"

     "I was looking up for a bathroom," Girlie quickly lied. She was a pretty good under pressure and decided that the bathroom excuse would work best. She was, after all, a seven-year-old girl in a strange home.

     The look in Stan's brown (and slightly puffy) eyes made it very apparent that he believed it about as much as Girlie believed that Brian, her kitten, would suddenly stop trying to take bacon off her plate.

     "Okay. We were planning on going into the woods."

      Stan's disbelieving stare dissolved into a "I couldn't care less" gaze, as he said, "Okay. Don't die, but if you do, have someone bring back an arm. I want a new item for the store. 'Mystical Arm. Tells the future!' Good, right?"

      "Whatever," Girlie managed to mutter with as little disdain as possible.

     She picked up the flashlight. And when she did, she could see the television screen in its entirety. In black and white, there was Sturly Stembleburgiss. It was a long time ago, but when Girlie's mum was alive, she had seen her and Hello, Girlie's mom, watching a movie with Sturly in it on the "Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel." What was the film called?

     She remembered. "Is that The Duchess Approves?"

     "What? No! I mean, yes, but I'm not watching it! I mean I am, but that's because the remote's missing! I don't want to watch it! It's a girl's movie!"

     Girlie looked at the remote in his hand and rolled her hazel eyes. She and the other left the shack. As soon as she closed the door, she let it go. "The Duchess Approves? Seriously?"

     "That is the third time he's been caught watching it," Dipper stated.

    Mabel added, "As far as Grunkle Stan knows anyway." She giggled. "I saw him crying over it, and three minutes later, he was squealing with happiness."

     As they all walked towards the woods, Girlie smiled at the idea of Stanford Pines, the successful conman, fangirling.


     The woods were dark, and it seemed like every little break of a twig, or every rattle of a bush, was that of Slenderman. An hour in, the mission was given up on. The group just sat down, and talked.

     Mainly about Gravity Falls.

    "When we first got here, it was so creepy," Dipper said.

    "And?" Prez implored, eager for more.

    "That's it," Dipper and Girlie answered together, like two twins in a horror movie, causing Mabel to fall back laughing.

     "So, what was the last mission you went on?"

     "Getting the Journal back." Dipper stopped for a moment.

     Does he actually think he can just leave it at that?

     "Okay, so after some stuff happened," (Girlie wondered what "stuff" was, but didn't ask.) "I told Grunkle Stan about Journal 3. And he laughed and took it. I didn't think I would find it again. Then, an hour before you two came, I founded it wedged under a vending machine."


     "Grunkle Stan still doesn't know, which is good."

     "Why do you call him 'Grunkle?' " Prez asked, voicing Girlie's thoughts.

     "It's a combo. Great Uncle Stan takes too long to say, and you know him. 'Time is money,' and all."

     Girlie heard a mumble that sounded like "Typical Stanford." There was more contempt in those words than even Girlie could muster.

     "Did you hear that?" Dipper whispered.

     Ah! So I wasn't imagining it, Girlie thought. That's a first.

     Girlie stood up and searched around. She saw a big white pouf, that almost seemed like hair, in a bush. Girlie grabbed a sharp tree branch on the ground for protection. She looked at her sister for encouragement. All she found was a glare that screamed, "Get your butt back near me! I can not protect you from ten feet away!"

     Girlie chose to ignore the non-verbal warning. She slowly scooted to the bush. Before she could got too close, she used the stick to poke. A figure popped out, roaring in rage.

     Girlie quickly backed up, startled. Startled, that is, until she got a good look at the figure that was so short, she towered over it. It was a boy, with freckles, and white hair that was bigger than his head! He was kinda chubby and had moobs. (Seriously, he needed a bra more than a sumo wrestler.) He was holding one of his blue eyes, so Girlie assumed she poked him right in the pupil.

     She began laughing. Had she really just been terrified of a cutie like him?

     But her laughter ceased when she heard the scared tone in Mabel's voice as she exclaimed, "Gideon!"

     "Mabel, Dipper," he answered, calmly, still rubbing his eye.

     "How'd you get out of jail?"

     Jail? Girlie backed up a bit more, to where she was closer to her sister.

     "Dynamite." He said it like it was the most obvious thing ever.

     "What do you want, Gideon?"

     "What is rightfully mine!"

     Suddenly, he didn't seem so cute anymore. Girlie allowed herself to be scared and let it show. She pressed into Prez, and in return, she grabbed her hand.

     Gideon smiled sinisterly. An emerald bolo tie glowed.

     "The tie? I thought Mabel destroyed it!" Dipper whispered in amazement.

     "You didn't think there was only one, did you?"

     Mabel, who looked twice as frightened as Girlie, finally screamed, "Run!"

     Everyone ran in separate directions, but Girlie tried to stay with her sister. She refused to let her out her sights. She didn't know who Gideon decided to run after, but she did know that with the Appleshine luck, it was her and Prez.

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