Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


15. Chapter Fifteen

'Bill, we warned you about this.'

Bill tensed up at the sudden intrusion and his uncovered eye glowed a faint bright blue. He held himself back from answering out loud. I don't care. I'm not gonna let her future suck.

He figured Girlie might be watching him, and might have seen the sudden change in his eye color. 

'Falling in love with a human is not a part of your job, Cipher. She's meant to be with Beauforte.'

She's meant to be abused and murdered by Beauforte. Who says that can't change?

'We do. You're messing with the rest of human history.'

I don't care.

'Well, Beauforte is coming, so you'd better think quick.'

What? But how?

But it was too late, he was already gone.

Sure enough, Bill heard the faint thoughts of a teenage boy. He was smug about breaking out of juvie. The kid was far away enough for now. Maybe he could get the sisters to take a detour . . .

"Come on, this way." He suddenly announced, startling Prez but not affecting Girlie at all. He took a sharp turn and started walking into a darker - but significantly safer - portion of the forest.


Oh, that kid was getting on his nerves. "Because I said so, that's why."

"But why do you say so?"

She picks now of all times to act like a bratty little kid? "Would you just trust me on this one thing?" His tone was becoming pleading, and he knew it. He couldn't help it . . . Theodore 'Turbo' Beauforte's thoughts were getting louder as he grew closer.

"No. We should keep going the way we came. That part of the forest looks dangerous."

Prez was still quiet, looking back and forth between Girlie and Bill, unsure who to trust. Looking to her made Bill's normally empty heart hurt. The second she saw Turbo, her fate would be sealed. She'd be pegged to die at the age of 34.

There was no way to get either of the sisters to take a detour. He'd have to distract her instead.

With no time left to think, Bill just went with his first impulse. He put his arms around her and kissed her.

At first, she was startled and tense, and her thoughts had frozen. After about three seconds, however, she practically melted and kissed back. Bill didn't need to see the future to be able to tell that she would be a squealy and giggly mess as soon as one of them pulled away.

He'd made the move just in time. Less than ten seconds after he'd kissed her, he sensed Turbo move into their line of vision.

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