Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


11. Chapter Eleven

Quick note from Prez Cipher: Okay guys, Girlie gets her little sub-plot and I get my in-between chapter. Oh, and yes, Theodore Beauforte is Human!Turbo. I might have Bill explain my bad future to Girlie in a future chapter.


Prez had gone downstairs with the full intent of putting her acting skills to good use and pretending nothing was wrong. It was not to be, however. She walked down to find Girlie gone and Dipper watching the news. 

"Anything interesting reported yet?" She asked casually, sitting on the floor next to the small twelve-year-old.

He looked at her as if to ask how she was okay, and she gave him a glare that read 'Don't question me.'

"No, not really. Just the usual stuff so far."

Prez gave a small sigh of relief. "Where're Girlie and Mabel?"

"Girlie went to do an errand for Stan, and I'm supposed to meet Mabel and Wendy at Greasy's as soon as the news is done."

Prez nodded and fell silent, listening to the woman on the television talk.

"Fifteen-year-old local teen Theodore 'Turbo' Beauforte has been arrested and sent to juvenile hall for speeding and driving without a license." The screen switched to a headshot of a boy with sickly grey skin and dark hair, and Prez found herself thinking he was kind of cute. She shook her head and ignored it.

"In other news, nine-year-old Gideon Charles Gleeful has escaped from jail and is currently missing. Search parties are expected to move into the forest this evening."

"He was nine?" Prez found herself speaking, before guilt crashed into her again and she swallowed down a new wave of tears.

"Prez -"

She didn't hear what Dipper said. She was too busy imagining what Gideon's parents were going through. She thought of how she might feel if one of her daughters had run away and gone missing, only to be murdered and never heard from again.

Unable to pretend to be okay any longer, she jumped up and speedwalked upstairs to the attic, curling up and hiding in her sleeping bag. She waited for Dipper to follow, but to her relief he didn't.

Wait. The search parties are going into the woods this evening . . . where's Girlie?

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