Forbidden love

What if Harry was in slytherin and the weasleys hated him and his family.
But then him and Ginny end up getting to know each other.what could happen if they get to close


2. In detention

I was on my  way to the dungeons to do my detention as Iit was Saturday morning.When I arrived the Weaselette was already there."Trust the Weasekette to arrive for the dentention early"i said under my breath.When I reached her we both glared at each other as it was 10:00 and we knew we would here for at least the next 2 hours. Just then Snape came out and I swear I have never been more happy to see him in my life. When we went in he told us we would be fixing and ordering a box of people who had also got detention and what for which Filch had asked him to do but he decided it would be better for punishments. Harry and Ginny as he also said they werent allowed to use magic which meant it would take them hours. Then Snape said the thing we had both been regretting. He said "You'll do it better if you work together and I don't  want any arguements. So we got to work and the Weaselette came up with a great strategy to get it done quicker. Then she asked me why I liked bullying people so much so I told her it was because people were already going to judge me for being in Slytherin so I thought I might as well give them something they could actually judge me with because I dont care what any of them think about me. I just realised I must be crazy to actually be talking to the Weaselette. So then I asked her why her family hated me. She said that she didnt really hate me as much as her family but that I  was probably hard to get along with. She never really answered my question but I was wondering why she had said I wasn't that bad when I had been so nasty to her. Just then Snape walked over and said we could go which broke me out of my thoughts. We both left quickly to our respective common rooms to go downto breakfast with our friends.

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