Forbidden love

What if Harry was in slytherin and the weasleys hated him and his family.
But then him and Ginny end up getting to know each other.what could happen if they get to close


3. Great hall

I let Draco,Pansy and Blaise go first as I needed to put my stuff out for quidditch practise after breakfast. When I was walking I saw the Weasel,Weaselette and the Mudblood so I slowed down to walk behind them and hear what they were saying. The Weasel was talking,"so how was your detention with that idiot Potter,"he asked. Immediately she retorted just because he isn't that smart doesn't mean you can just say that your not that smart either. He retorted with what's gotten into you your starting to act more like him,a slytherin,why are you even sticking up for him anyway. She said just because he isn't very smart and he bullies people doesn't mean he's a bad person,you don't even know anything about him it could just be an act to fit in. Harry smiled while Ron and Hermione stood gobsmacked. He was shocked this girl had actually defende him against her own brother. They walked into the Great hall while Harry waited a minute so it wouldn't seem like he had been following slowly behind them. When he got in it had only been 15 minutes when Ginny shouted "Leave me alone Ron you don't know anything about what happened in my detention!"and with that she stormed out. All of the Slytherins were shocked and surprised she had stood up to her own brother. Harry said "I'll see you guys later I need to go get a book from the library I'll meet you back in the common room." With that he walked out to see where Ginny was and why she had stood up for him in the first place. He didn't get very far though as warm,soft hands covered his eyes and dragged him towards Mrytles bathroom. This seemed very strange as know one ever went in there so he held his wand in his hand for precaution.

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