Forbidden love

What if Harry was in slytherin and the weasleys hated him and his family.
But then him and Ginny end up getting to know each other.what could happen if they get to close


1. Detention

I was walking down the corridor with Draco as usual bullying people when Draco left for potions and I bumped into the weaslette.We bumped into each other and she screeched "watch were your going Potter!"This started me argueing with her which is how McGonagal found us and we both ended up with detention for 2 weeks with Snape.This was alright for Harry as Snape was his head of house so he wouldn't make Harry do so much but he couldn't say the same for the Weasley girl. After that they both left for separate classes,Harry to defence against the dark arts and Ginny to Transfiguration with Mc Gonagal. When Harry got back to the common room Draco and Blaise were both their so Harry could tell them how he was stuck with the weaselle for 2 weeks of detention. They both were outraged and anoid as this would mean they would have to change their days for quidditch practices so that they could beat the petty grffyindors and win the quidditch cup

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