I never meant to leave you

What would Elena do, if Damon all of sudden decided to leave Mystic Falls, to let Elena be with Stefan?


3. Kidnapped

Chapter 3:


-Elena's p.o.v (from where Damon went outside with Candice)


When I pulled up in front of the bar, I was terrified. My heart was beating a thousand km per second, and I felt as if I was going to faint at any moment. But I couldn't give up now. I had finally reached my destination. I knew Damon was going to be just inside the bar, and when I got in, I would tell him about my feelings for him, and everything was going to be great.

I breathed in deep, and ran to the bar. I didn't want to get too wet. But the rain was strong, and I was dripping when I stepped into the bar. A lot of people were inside, and they all seemed like they were at my age. But there was no sign of Damon. None at all. I had been sure this was the place I would find him.

I frowned and went to the bar. “Something to drink, sweetheart?” Bree asked and placed a beer in front of me. I nodded and took a drink. “Have you seen Damon?” I asked, still looking around the room. She nodded slightly. “He's outside with a girl...” she said, uncertain whatever she should say something. I frowned. My heart was racing. I had found him. But as he had said, he didn't wanted to be found. Maybe because he'd found a new girl.

“A girl?” I asked, and sat down, slowly feeling my heart breaking. She nodded. “Don't you worry, honey. That's just what Damon is like,” she said and handed me a glass of brandy. I frowned, but let the alcohol warm my body. Maybe this was just what I needed.

“Well, if that's what he's like..” I said, and asked for a couple of shots. I would show him. Bree did as I asked, without questioning me. As soon as I felt the alcohol in my system, I went to the dance floor, that was already filled with young people, just like my self. I was going to enjoy my self. I had come all the way to Georgia to tell him about my feelings, but that sure as hell didn't matter to him.

It didn't take long for a boy to join me in my dancing. I smiled at him, putting my arms around his neck. If Damon could have his fun with a girl, I could do exactly the same with a boy.

The boy was actually kind of cute. Tall, at least 1.85, blonde hair, styled with wax and other fancy hair products, and he looked pretty muscular. He was nothing like Damon, and didn't even come close to his good looks, but that really didn't matter. I had come here for Damon, but plans had changed. I was going home with this guy, not Damon.

“I'm Marcus,” the guy said in my ear, as we got closer. “Elena!” I answered and smiled at him. The music mixed with the alcohol made me feel happy for the first time in a very long time. There was no Stefan to worry about, no Caroline or Bonnie. Even no Damon. There was only Marcus and I, and I liked that feeling. Right now Marcus seemed like a pretty good choice. He didn't knew about all the fucked up things. Didn't knew about my dead parents, didn't knew about the whole vampires, werewolves and other mystical creatures stuff. Just an ordinary guy, that seemed like he was pretty into me.

And he was. When the next song began, he somehow got me up against a wall, as our lips met. He wasn't exactly a bad kisser, but there was absolutely no feelings, other than lust, in that kiss. But did that really matter? It wasn't like he was going to be a boyfriend. We were just making out, maybe sleeping together later. No strings attached. As the kiss got more intimate, I let my arms slip around his neck, pulling him closer. I clearly felt just what he wanted to do.

It wasn't until we broke apart to breathe, that I felt the tension of the room had changed. But why should I care? I was probably going home with Marcus. The other people in the bar didn't mean anything to me. Well, except for the person stepping into the bar. He was the one guy that actually meant something to me.

I felt my heart rate go up, as he caught my eyes. He looked absolutely broken. At first I wanted to push Marcus away, and go to Damon, and hold him. But then I remembered what he had been doing just 2 minutes ago. I looked at Marcus again, and put my one hand on his cheek.

“Wanna get out of here?” he asked, only looking at my lips. I smiled at him and placed a kiss on his lips. “I thought you'd never ask,” I said as we grabbed his things and started walking out. On the way, Damon grabbed my arm. I flinched at the touch. My scars hurt.

“What are you doing here, Elena? I said I didn't want to be found,” he said, almost growling. He was angry. No doubt about that. “And I should have believed you. Have fun with your girls, Damon. Bye,” I said and followed Marcus. Damon didn't seem to follow, which made it easier to hide the small tears starting to form in my eyes.

But when I walked into the parking lot, there was no sign of Marcus anywhere. I frowned and looked around.

“Marcus? Where did you go?” I asked, and stepped outside. The rain had finally stopped. Just as I stepped down from the porch, something landed right in front of me, splashing water on me from the small pool of water on the ground. As I looked, I saw it was Marcus. Only he wasn't alive any more. No human would be able to survive what had happened to him.

The next thing I knew, someone put a large hand in front of my mouth, and lifted me, running away with vampire speed. I tried to scream, but couldn't. Hell, I couldn't even breathe. What the hell was going on? After a minute, I felt myself getting dizzy, and then I fainted.


-Damon's p.o.v


Every emotion that I had tried to suppress the last month, came to the surface when I saw Elena completely entangled with a boy I had never seen before. What the hell was she doing in Georgia? She wasn't supposed to be here. She was supposed to be home, sleeping next to Stefan, happy that I finally left her. When she spoke to me, her voice was colder than ice. It broke my heart. It had been impossible to turn off my feelings. I loved her too much, and I hated every second of it.

It wasn't until she was gone, that I thought about her parting words. 'Have fun with your girls'. What girls? I hadn't been with a girl since... Well, since a long time ago. I frowned and walked up to the bar. Maybe Bree knew something. Elena had been drunk. That would mean she had been talking to Bree.

“Do you know anything about Elena's little comment about girls?” I asked, as I sat down on a bar stool. She turned her back to me, and walked to the back of the bar, without answering me. I got up and walked around the bar. Then I grabbed her arm, and held her.

“You're going to tell me exactly what Elena said to you, and what you told her,” I growled and felt my eyes changing a bit, due to my anger. If she had been the reason Elena had just walked out of the bar with a complete stranger... I enjoyed seeing the fright in her eyes. I liked the way she was afraid of me. If she was afraid, she was going to tell me what had happened.

“She came in and asked for you. I told her you were outside with a girl, and then she started drinking...” she said, and shut her eyes tightly, waiting for my next move. I smiled my usual predator smile. “Well, you'll have to excuse me, I'm going to find my girl,” I said and let her go. Then I disappeared out the door, but there was no sign of Elena. Her scent was still lingering in the air, but I couldn't see or sense her anywhere around. The only sign of her was her car. And a body laying on the ground. The boy she had been kissing was clearly dead. I frowned and looked at the body. He had been torn apart and sucked dry. Only one person I knew could be responsible for that act. But he wasn't supposed to be here either. What was going on?


-Elena's p.o.v


My whole body was aching, when I started to regain consciousness. Every limp felt frozen and like it had been broken at least three places. I was laying on the ground, somewhere cold and wet. I tried to sit up, but it hurt way too much. What the hell had happened to me? I tried remembering, but nothing was new. I remembered Marcus being dead, me being kidnapped. Was this Damon's way of getting back at me, for leaving with Marcus? To kill him and kidnap me? And what did he have in mind for me? Now that he had found another girl, I might not be that important to him anymore. It had been a whole month since he'd seen me.

“Damon?” I asked, but my voice was hoarse and quiet. He would hear me, I was sure of that. His vampire hearing had never failed before. But there was no answer. I frowned and started looking around.

The place was big, and seemed abandoned. It looked much like an old storage house. It wasn't empty though. Big shelves were everywhere, and it seemed that they still held a lot of different items. But what on earth was I doing here? This didn't exactly seem like a nice place. The floor was wet from rain and a red liquid. I looked at my hands, and recognised the red liquid. It was blood. Was I bleeding? Would Damon ever hurt me? He had always been the one to protect me. Ever since we met, he had been there to protect me, to comfort me.

I was still fully clothed, and when I looked at my self, I wasn't able to see any kind of wounds. Then I slowly touched my head, and let out a sigh of relief, when I couldn't feel any wounds. The blood wasn't mine. But who did it belong to? Was anyone else here, besides me?

This time I forced my self to sit up. I felt bruised, aching. I let out a small wimp as I sat up. It hurt a lot. Had Damon really been hurting me? Was it even Damon that brought me here? No. He would never hurt me. I was sure of that. I knew about his feelings, and those feelings would never allow him to hurt me.

But if it wasn't Damon, then who could have kidnapped me? We had taken care of the tomb vampires, and Katherine didn't even knew about me. Surely she couldn't have done this? Why would she return?

I slowly got up from my spot on the wet ground and started walking carefully around. And then the smell hit me. The smell of death. Someone had surely died in here. And whoever had died, had been in here for some time. And as I made my way through the isles, I found the dead person. Actually, I found the dead persons. A big pile of bodies were laying on the ground, carelessly thrown in a pile. I had never seen so many dead people in my life, and the sight made me sick to my stomach. Who was responsible for all of this?

I held my breath, as I got near the victims. All of them had been torn apart, every limp from the torso. What the hell was going on? And what was going to happen to me?

“Anyone here?” I asked, now with a very shaky voice. I had no idea who had brought me here, but that person had to be dangerous. Very dangerous. I quietly walked away from the bodies and started breathing again. I still needed air. And then I heard something, or someone move. I felt my heartbeat go up to at least 300 km/h. And then the realisation hit me. I was going to die in this place. I felt my knees give up, and fell to the ground, fat tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn't ready to die. I had so much left to do. I was only seventeen years old for God's sake!

I found my self whispering Damon's name over and over again, and closed my eyes shut, only thinking about his amazing blue eyes. If I was going to die, he was going to be the last thing on my mind. Why hadn't I just told him what he meant to me? Why did I have to get together with another guy instead? I just couldn't do anything right.

As I sat there, crying and waiting for my death to come, I forced my self to think back at all the good times I had had with Damon. When he gave me the camera, when he had danced with me to the founder's day. The look in his eyes, as he told me that he loved me, and the vulnerability showing as he took a chance and kissed me. I pulled my legs up underneath my body and hugged my knees tightly.

I wished I hadn't rejected him. I would never know what it would be like to kiss him, when both of us wanted it. And if I hadn't rejected him, he would never have killed Jeremy. Then I wouldn't have been as mad as I had been, the month before he left. And then he might never have left. But if he hadn't left, I might never have been aware of my feelings for him. I loved him. It was clear as the sun. It had been for a while now. And I had stayed with Stefan. How could I be so stupid?

“Why are you saying his name? It isn't his name you're supposed to be saying, when you're afraid!” I heard a voice growl. And I recognised the voice. But, it couldn't be him, could it? He would never do anything like this? Not wanting to see him, I buried my head in my knees, and squeezed tight around them. My sobs were getting louder, as I kept Damon in my mind. I didn't want to think about him. He was going to kill me. He had turned it off.

“Stop saying his Goddamn name! It's not him you ought to be thinking about! You're afraid of me. I know you are. You've seen what I'm able to do. Didn't think I had it in me, did you?” His voice was mocking. He was playing with me, before he would kill me. I started shaking, and forced my self to only think about Damon, to think about what I wanted to tell him. The words exactly I had been meaning to say to him.

“I love you, Damon, I love you...” I kept repeating as a small whisper, still with my eyes shut tightly. I didn't want to see him in front of me. I didn't want to see this side of him. He had fought the urge for so long, and now he had given in, and ruined everything he had fought for. He had given up.

“No, you don't! Because you can't love a monster like him! If you can't love me, you can't love someone like him! He's not good enough for you. He never will be. Stop saying his name! STOP IT!” He was furious, and I was scared, but I couldn't stop saying Damon's name. It calmed me down. I felt him grab my hair and pull me up. The pain shut through my head, like a thousand bullets. I had never felt a pain like that before. It was worse than when I broke my arm in third grade. I kept my eyes shut, as I screamed, and let go of my knees. The pain was unbearable.

“LOOK AT ME!” He let go of my hair, and I fell to the floor, feeling my head banging against the floor, as I lost consciousness. 

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