The Day I Met Justin

Do you ever dream of just walking down the street and bumping into the Biebs? Here's a story about just that.

Daisy is a British 16 year old girl who moves to America. She starts making Youtube videos and becomes quite well known. When in town with her friends she just happens to meet the boy of her dreams, Justin Bieber, who also just moved from Canada. This is her story...


4. Youtube

"That's a great idea!" I squeal.

"I wanted to start one for so long but I'm too scared to do it on my own." she explains. "You'll be the perfect person to do it with!"

We get started on setting up our channel. We decide we will both do vlogs and upload them even when we're not together at the time and we will also do beauty videos once a week. After ages of going through name after name, we come up with a really cute one.

"When shall we film?" Ellie asks me.

"Now! I'm so excited lets just do it!" I run and grab my camera and we set up a good background, do our makeup and sort ourselves out. We film a 20 facts about us video (seperate facts about each of us) and get to editing.

"What are you girls doing in there?" Mum asks when its dinner time.

"We're editing a video we just filmed for Youtube!"

"Wow that sounds so exciting! Tea is ready so come down when you're finished." Mum calls and leaves us to it. As soon as we finish putting the video together, we upload it and post about the channel on twitter and instagram. I was so excited!

After tea we go back to my room and mess around. We make a music video just because we're bored. Because I do dance it looks quite professional and we used good outfits and backgrounds.

"Why don't we put this on our channel?" Ellie laughs.

"But it's a beauty channel!" I say.

"Yeah but we're doing vlogs too, we can put whatever we want on it!"

"Ok, sure!" We upload and within minutes it has 50 views. Soon it has hundreds. I looked on facebok and instagram and twitter, so many of my friends had shared our youtube channel and so many people had seen it!

"oh my gosh!" we screamed. Ellie went home and I kept checking on my laptop every few minutes, the views were going up and up. By the time I went to bed we had three thousand views and subscribers. We were going viral!!!

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