The Day I Met Justin

Do you ever dream of just walking down the street and bumping into the Biebs? Here's a story about just that.

Daisy is a British 16 year old girl who moves to America. She starts making Youtube videos and becomes quite well known. When in town with her friends she just happens to meet the boy of her dreams, Justin Bieber, who also just moved from Canada. This is her story...


3. Shopping Trip

She charges me for the hair but lets the rest be on the house because she gained a new friend out of it!

We start with make up. We test sample after sample and work out all the best colour matches for me. Then we choose mascaras and eyelines and blushers and lipsticks. We mess around putting stupid makeup on each other! We fall about laughing! She shows me some good skincare and hair products and I pick out some nail varnishes. When we leave I have bags full of things!

Next we go clothes shopping. We buy some cute jumpers and shoes and a coat for when fall comes. She helps me pick out some shorts and sweaters and shirts and cute shoes. My look has changed completely. I'm no longer self concsious, scared of what the bullies will think of me. I'm Danielle now and they don't matter. Once we've bought them we go to Starbucks and I get a white chocolate mocha, my favourite!

"I've had such a great time! Thank you so much!" I slap a hand to my mouth, I sounded so American! We both start laughing.

"Thank you I think you mean! You're a really good friend!" I had also picked out a few things for my room, some posters and cushions and wall decorations and cute vintagey things.

"Do you want to come over to my place? We can decorate my room and chill out and work out what the hell I'm going to do on the first day!"

"I'd love to, Dani!"


I call my mum and she meets us by a big department store. I introduce her to Ellie and she seems so happy I found a friend already!

When we get to mine I grab us some snacks and put my iPhone on my docking station. It turns out we have the same taste in music! We dance around my room as we paint it and position my bed and posters and rugs. I put all the little things I bought around the room and add some fruity candles. I put all my clothes away and put my new makeup in my storage drawers. When we are done it looks amazing. I love it so much. We pick out a new outfit and sort out a grat hairstyle and make up for school. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to start school!

We sit cross legged and watch TV and do girly quizzes from my magazines and watch Youtube videos on my laptop. I am so happy with how close we are. I haven't told her about the old me but we know all about each other's families, likes, dislikes, everything! She really gets me.

"You know what?" my new best friend says.

"What?" I ask.

"We should start a Youtube channel!" And we both grin.

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