The Day I Met Justin

Do you ever dream of just walking down the street and bumping into the Biebs? Here's a story about just that.

Daisy is a British 16 year old girl who moves to America. She starts making Youtube videos and becomes quite well known. When in town with her friends she just happens to meet the boy of her dreams, Justin Bieber, who also just moved from Canada. This is her story...


5. Meeting Justin

The next day I got up and had some breakfast. Me and Ellie had agreed to meet up again in town. Mum dropped me off and as I was early I went into a coffee shop to wait for her.

A spotty, freckly boy was at the counter and I got a cup of tea and a brownie. I sat down in a table near the corner of the room with a comfy seat. It was quite small and the staff were chatting to the customers, it seemed like this was where the locals came. I got out my kindle and sat reading it. When I looked up a boy a couple of years older than me was squinting at me.

"hello?" I said, confused.

"hey... sorry I was staring wasn't I?" he sounded embarrassed.

"Haha..yeah." I replied awkwardly.

"Its just, I haven't seen you here before have I?"

"nope." I said shortly.

"I know because I think I would recognise a beautiful blonde like you, especially an english girl!" he laughed.

"I moved yesterday!" I smiled. He seemed ok. He was so fit and we clearly flirting with me.

"Wow that's cool. I'd better get to work but I hope to see you round some time!"

"Yeah." I agreed. Maybe I could flirt back... "I won't forget that, especially as a gorgeous brown haired boy like you told me, and an american too!" I giggled. He looked down, shyly.

"Why thank you. Aren't you british people polite?" he teased. As he walked away he said something over his shoulder: "Canadian."

"Even better!" I called. I didn't know his name and he was clearly way out of my league but my God was he adorable! I really do hope to see him around!



By the way, I know the tense changes a lot and I'm very sorry! If it annoys you please let me know and I will try harder to imporove it. Go check out my other Movella too!! xoxo

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