The Cycle

This horror/thriller will leave you with chills. When a city girl moves into a abandoned house. She discovers the past family that lived there were not a typical family. The mother had been accused of murder of her 7 year old son and her ex husband. When Claire goes into the attic she finds several artifacts that prove the mother innocence. If it wasn't the mother the who?


2. The Welcoming

After I unpacked all belongings i gazed out the window at the amazing view of the pond that had exotic fish among it. Again I wondered why in the world would someone leave this gorgeous place. It was low in price, had a gorgeous view, and it seemed to be in good condition. I went down stairs not even three steps away from the kitchen the door bell rang. A little boy and his family had been there with a welcoming gift. The mother said " our family wants to wish you the best of luck" i said "thank you." She continued to go on " no thank you we were beginning to think the legends were true well you must be busy unpacking we are going to go."  Then it came to me "The Legend" that's probably why it was so low priced. As she said its a legend. I brought the basket in and went through it it contained  bread, wine ,and a cross.  My mom came down stairs out of breath from yelling at my father. She said breathing heavy "who was at the door." She looked in the basket."where did you get that." I stated " a little boy and his family brought us a welcoming gift. Oh and did dad mention something to you about a legend." While eating the bread she said  "no why you ask."  Well it must not be true nothing has happened then it  came to me. Why don't I do some research on this "legend?" So after I found a map of the area I looked for a library. It had been in the middle of no where like our house and the rest of this town. I arrived in the library I had been welcomed by the librarian. I was shown around the library i asked where are the files about a "Legend" that took place in this town and he had said "all the files about this town would be in this direction." He directed me to some computers and some cabinets full of files. I thanked him and he began to show someone else around. While he was doing so I was looking threw the files. I found some newspapers on  my house. In the article it had said that there had been a mass murder in my house. They found the mother guilty of committing the murder of her son and her husband. I didn't believe that someone would kill the love of their life and then go on and kill their son. I just couldn't  believe why would someone do such a thing I continued to read on and it read that her husband was stabbed 7 times. They think that he lived through the stabbing and so she decided to shoot him so she was able to be sure he was dead. The son had lived long enough to call the police and tell them that his father was murdered by a woman. The police said that moment the boy screamed and the phone had been turned off. The boy had been shot right in the chest and then cut open. He had been set carefully on the ground with his arms crossed on his chest. Then there was flowers surrounding the boy. The gun that was used to kill both the son and the husband was not found.  The mother/wife was found months after the murder in the woods. She was sentenced to the death penalty. I had copied that article and took it home.  

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