The Cycle

This horror/thriller will leave you with chills. When a city girl moves into a abandoned house. She discovers the past family that lived there were not a typical family. The mother had been accused of murder of her 7 year old son and her ex husband. When Claire goes into the attic she finds several artifacts that prove the mother innocence. If it wasn't the mother the who?


1. The Move

"Why must we move every time I start making friends" I announced in the empty house. That I once called home.  Sitting in the car I asked once more "Why must we move every time I begin to make friends." There was silence no one said anything for a matter of seconds. Then my dad spoke "Darling it's simply because we want you to live in the perfect environment. Where there is no distractions such as car horns, sirens, and that cursed boy."  I awaited for my mom to speak but it seemed like she didn't want to move. She stared out the window until we existed the city. Then she turned up the music. That  is when it all went down hill my mother argued with father saying she was going to take me and leave him. We all knew she wasn't going to do that because she has a low paying job and no where to go. They argued for hours until I realized that we were in a wooded area with no house in site  for miles. So I asked "Are we LOST." My mother lowered her voice and the
radio and spoke " Your father had the bright idea to move us in a completely different environment"

I said to myself "here we go again." I wasn't wrong either my father pulled over and looked at both of us and said "I'm doing the best that i can for this family if you can't appreciate it well to bad." He began to drive again . A little later we pulled into a drive way. We walked out to the porch and my father pulled a key out from under the welcome mat. Unlocked the door and announced this is our new home. My father led me to my room it had been gorgeous. I thought to myself there has to be a catch why wouldn't someone be living in this house? 

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