School with Stephano (Pewdiepie/Stephano fanfic)

This is my first story and i decided it will be something about Stephano and PewDiePie.
So if you are wondering, in this story your name is Emily and you are just starting high school. There are a lot of bullies that you have to stay away from,but there is one guy with his friends that catches your eye.His name is Stephano and his friends names are Pewdiepie, Gonzales (Stephanos brother), Piggeh, Mr Chair, Jenifer and Marzia. You will see how it turns out :)

BTW sorry if i miss spell something,my english isn't the best but i am really trying :)

Let me know if you like it :)


3. That girly scream




"I love you to Stephano..." I whispered as I put my lips on his. I noticed that he was surprised that I did that but then he started kissing me back. I wanted it to last forever but as soon as it started,it ended. Stephano pulled away with a big smile on his face that he was hopelessly trying to hide.

"I have to go. I will see you as soon as you get out of the hospital" He smiled and went. I was so happy and I started laughing from joy. I couldn't hold it in. Then I noticed Gonzales starting to wake up.

"Hey Gonzales, how are you fealing" I asked

"Good, thanks for asking. My nose still hurts a little bit but its fine" He replied with a fading smile

We both sat on our beds and talked

"I hope we get out of here soon,I really don't want to eat here,I herd that the food sucks." I said hoping that he will think of something

"Well guess what!" He said


"There are two other guys that I would like you to meet,ant they are taking us to eat somewhere. They will be here in a half an hour when school is over." He said

I was really happy to hear that. I couldn't wait to meet someone new and I just hope thhat they aren't like Barrels.

"Hey Gonzales... Can you plese open the door... its really hot in here... O I'm sorry I forgot that you are still dizzy... don't worry I'll open it"

I smiled as I tried to get up but just at the moment when I stood up I started feeling dizzy again. I knew that I was about to fall down and I quickly shut my eyes. Gonzales noticd that and he quickly jumped off the bed grabbing me and hugging me tightly. He fell down with me hitting the floor really hard and I fell on top of him. I herd him sqeal in pain as he hit the floor but he was still holding me tightly in his arms.

"Emily...i...its ok can open your eyes" Gonzales wisperd. I slowly opend my eyes and I saw him smiling at me.

"O my god! Gonzales are you ok? I am so sorry..." I asked really worried.

Just as I said that a nurse came in the room and saw us lying on the floor.

"Are you ok? What happend?" She asked worried as she ran towards us to help us up. She ran towards me first

"No,no,thanks I can get up myself plese help Gonzales first." I said. I moved off Gonzales and grabbed the end of my bed pulling myself up. I quickly turned around to see that Gonzales was still lying on the floor
. He didnt move or try to get up he was just lying there waiting for the nurse to help him up. As the nurse was helping him up i noticed that he was limping with his left leg. "Did i just brake his leg??" I thought as he slowly sat on the bed again

"Are you guys ok? What happend?" The nurse asked

"O nothing... Well... I... I wanted to open the door cause it was too hot and i didn't see Gonzales so we bumped into eachother and fell down..." I answerd

"Gonzales so you are ok you didnt hurt anything?" The nurse asked him again

"No,no I'm fine thanks" He smiled and the nurse smiled back and exited the room

"See Emily,now the door is open" Gonzales started laughing

I didnt want to ask him about his leg cause i was too embaresed...
Me and Gonzales just talked until,as he said, an hour later, we herd a high pitched girly scream. I had no idea what that was cause all the people that I know,can't scream like that. I glanced over at Gonzales and I saw him smiling.

"Do you know who that was??" I saked really curiously

"I have a few ideas. You'll see..." he said with a smile that was getting bigger and bigger as the screaming was getting louder and louder.

Suddenly,someone came bursting trough the door.

"Stephaaanoooo!!!! Heeelp meeee! Get this lady away from meee!!" He was yelling and I immediately noticed that he had a Swedish accent. He also had hair somewhere between light brown and blond that was constantly falling Into his grey-blue eyes and he'd green Razor headphones that fell from his head and hung onto his neck. He was wearing a white hoodie that had an outlined fist and said BROFIST. He was wearing light blue skinny jeans and white-black sneakers.

As he busted trough the door,he fell on the small sofa that was next to Gonzales's bed. He was trying to catch his breath as one other guy came running trough the door.

"Pewdie,I am going to KILL YOU!" The other guy said. He had pink-ish ikin and pink hair that stopped just above his shoulders. His clothes wore all ripped and he had cuts and scarves all over his body. He wore a pink long sleeved shirt and dark purple ripped jeans. He didn't have shoes cause his feet were wrapped in bandages as well as his arms.

"Plese don't hurt me! I didn't do anything to deserve this! I am too young to die!" The one who I  thought is called Pewdie shouted.

When they busted trough the door like that,I almost jumped off my bed in fear,but I didn't. I turned around at Gonzales and he was dying of laughter. It seamed as he was used to it.

"Oh come oan! Stop acting like little children,you are scaring Emily."

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