School with Stephano (Pewdiepie/Stephano fanfic)

This is my first story and i decided it will be something about Stephano and PewDiePie.
So if you are wondering, in this story your name is Emily and you are just starting high school. There are a lot of bullies that you have to stay away from,but there is one guy with his friends that catches your eye.His name is Stephano and his friends names are Pewdiepie, Gonzales (Stephanos brother), Piggeh, Mr Chair, Jenifer and Marzia. You will see how it turns out :)

BTW sorry if i miss spell something,my english isn't the best but i am really trying :)

Let me know if you like it :)


4. O Piggeh...


I'm really sorry for my bad english :(




Me and Pewdie just herd what happened and wore on our way to vizit Stephano and Gonzales. They told us that they want us to met someone. I was very excited.

We have just arrived at the big hospital their were in. Everything was white: the walls,chairs,tables,beds,curtains... it was hurting my eyes...

We slowly walked to the reception table that was right next to the door. I wasn't really ok with the whole hospital thing cause they kind of creep me out. Doctors,needles,even the kids waiting room,not my thing. Pewds knew that too so he was trying not to comment about anything.

While we wore waiting for the cute girl that worked at the reception table to give us the key, I was really starting to get nervous and I had to say something

"So Pwdie,what do you think that the new girl Staphano wants usto meet looks like?" I wondered

"I hope that she has long pink hair like me... She is going to be tall and will wear short ripped purple shorts and long sleeved pink shirt with a heart that will fall from her shoulder. I hope she has a great since of humor,and the most important thing, I hope she is HOT!!! She will be the perfect girl for me. I know it!!!"

I was thinking that when I glanced over and saw Pewdie trying to hold in his laugh.

"Hey! What is so funny?" I asked

"You really think that she would look like that and if she does,you really think that you have a chance??" Pewdie said with that stupid smiling look on his face.

"Maby I do! Maby I have been waiting this whole time for the right girl that just might be her." I answered very confidently

"You? You are the one that has been waiting? You have been hitting on every girl that you know. You have even been hitting on that girl from the parking lot and her boyfriend was standing right next to her!" Pewds said

"Well... what do you know about girls?" I replied

"Well I have a girlfriend that is beautiful and loves me and you don't. No girl wants a pork chop for her boyfriend..." Pewdie  said while stepping one step backwards cause he knew what was going to happen.

"O that's it! You said enough,you crossed the line!" I was so pissed off and I was ready to kill him if he says even one more word. I knew that he thought that I wasnt serious and I knew that at this moment he was trying to think of anything that can piss me even more. And the he had to open his big mouth...

"Well, Piggeh... I'm really sorry that... everything that I said was true and you will never have a girlfriend... I am truly sorry."

"Oh that's it! You are really dead now! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!"

I started running towards him as he grabbed the keys to the room Stephano was in. He was screaming like a girl and begging me to stop chasing him. At this point I didn't even care that I was in the hospital surrounded by doctors or that all the people wore looking at us.

We saw Stephano at the other end of the hall and then Pewdie started to scream even more

"Stephaaanoooo!!!! Heeelp meeee! Get this lady away from meee!!" He was looking at Stephano and i could see that Stephano was smiling

"Noooooo I am too young to dieee nooooo!!" Pewds was screaming like a little girl as he was running trough halls. As I ran pass Stephano,I flipped a cart that had something on it I am not really sure what. I heard a loud crash behind me but neither me or Pewds turned around to see what it was. I just continued chasing him. Everyone was turning after us. I actually thought that this pussy Pewdie was going to start crying or that he already was.

Pewdie ran trough the open door of Gonzales's room and fell right on a small sofa that was next to his bed. I was still really mad cause of what he said and i was right about to come towards him and punch him in hes face but then herd a giggle from the other side of the room. I looked up and saw a girl that was looking at Pewdie. Pewdie stopped screaming and started looking trough the room when he noticed the girl smiling. He smiled back at her and they wore just starring at each other. No! That  was definitely not gonna happen so i "accidentally" stepped on Pewdies foot. He wanted to scream but i guess he was too embarrassed from what happened that he didn't. Then i looked at the girl and game her my sexy smile.

Yea I'm pumped! I'm so pumped! She was gorgeous! The perfect girl for me! She noticed that i calmed down and she looked back at me. All the sudden i noticed her smile fading really fast. I knew that that wasn't cause of me cause i never get a negative reaction after my sexy smile.Everyone in the room stopped laughing. It was really quiet. And then i turned around towards the door and saw Stephano. He was all wet. He had really big cuts on his arms and face and blood was pouring all over his clothes. Turns out the cart that I flipped had alcohol and surgery knifes on it... Stephano slowly walked towards me slowly becoming angrier. He was trying to hold it in. He stepped only a foot away from me. I was scared to death cause i knew he had his golden pocket knife and that he was going to get it back. He open his mouth as to say something and raised his arm but he didn't do anything he turned around and walked trough the door.

I was just starring at him,not moving with nothing on my mind,we all wore, but then the girl jumped from her bed running after him. I'm guessing that she didn't feel so odd at that point cause she lost her balance and stumbled in my arms. "Yes! Score!" I thought but a few moments later she pushed me aside and ran towards Stephano




"OMG! I just kissed her! I actually kissed her!" I couldn't get that amazing moment from my head! And she even said that she loved me!! I was so stunned from what happened that i couldn't do anything... I was just wondering trough the halls waiting for the time to pass. About  a hour later I herd that some pig guy is at the reception with a blond Swedish dude. I wasn't sure if that wore Piggeh And Felix. Now one told me that they wore coming and i wanted to see if that wore really them so i decided to go to the reception.

Everything was quiet. This hall was empty and people and nurses wore almost never here. I was walking and I was really relaxed. I didn't know why but that was kind of strange. When Piggeh is at the same place as where i am,Its never quiet. Me and Piggeh...well...I cant really say that he is my favourite guy. I knew that something was going to happen. It just didn't seem ok... As i thought that, I herd Felix's girly screaming from the other side of the hospital. Yea... It was that loud. I started smiling more and more as the scream was getting louder and louder. I stood next to a cart and waited for them to come closer. A few moments later i saw him running across the hall screaming in terror.

"Stephaaanoooo!!!! Heeelp meeee! Get this lady away from meee!!" Felix was screaming as hard as he could.

It was interesting to watch them run and scream trough almost abandoned halls. I was dying from laughter but i was trying to hold it in cause i knew that he did something to Piggeh,otherwise,ho wouldn't be running for his life. And then  saw Piggeh chasing him just feet behind him. I'm not sure but i think Felix was crying from fear. He ran past me and Piggeh followed him,but he accidentally pushed me and i fell down and he flipped the cart that i was leaning against and it came crashing on top of me.

Everything was quiet again. I could hear Felix screaming in the distance but it was too quiet. I was lying on the floor. My arms and face hurt like hell again. I opened my eyes and saw the cart on top of me. I pushed it back and saw bloody surgery knifes on the floor. I sat down and looked at my arms they had really deep cuts on them and my cast had a crack. I slowly stood up holding on the cart. I stood against the window and looked at my reflection. I allso had horrible cuts on my face and the blood was slowly dripping down my clothes.Everything hurt. I wanted to go to Piggeh to get an apology. I slowly walked back to Gonzales's room. As i was walking trough the empty halls I noticed that the screaming stopped. They probably got to the room.

I got to the room. I was standing in front of the door. I herd Emily giggling. I was just standing behind the wall,listening to that soothing laugh,I didn't want to get in cause i knew that it will stop the second i step in,but something made me. I took 2 steps and stood in front of the open door. Emily was the one to see me first. Her cute and adorable smile quickly changed into the really worried face. The laughing slowly stopped as soon as everyone turned towards me. The last one tu turn around was uf course Piggeh. He was just starring at me not saying anything,not even a "Sorry" or "Are you ok?". I didn't really knew what was i going to do. I slowly walked towards him . I raised my hand to punch him and opened my mouth to yell at him but i knew that it was the wrong thing to do. I was really sorry that Emily had to see me and i certainly didn't want her to see me beating Piggeh. I just turned around and and walked out of the room.

At that moment I wasn't feeling anything. No anger,sadness,no pain,nothing. I wanted to go to the bathroom to clean myself up. I really didn't want the nurses to do it for me. All the sudden someone grabbed me tightly pinning me to the bathroom wall. It was Emily. She she wrapped her army around my waste as hard as she could. Because i was tall, she came just about to my shoulders. She buried her head in my chest bursting into tears. I wrapped my arm around her lying my head on hers.

"Its ok,Im ok,you don't need to worry" I said to her hoping that it will make her calm down

"How did this happen!? Who did this to you!?" She asked me trough tears hugging me even tighter

"Don't worry,everything will be alright"

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