School with Stephano (Pewdiepie/Stephano fanfic)

This is my first story and i decided it will be something about Stephano and PewDiePie.
So if you are wondering, in this story your name is Emily and you are just starting high school. There are a lot of bullies that you have to stay away from,but there is one guy with his friends that catches your eye.His name is Stephano and his friends names are Pewdiepie, Gonzales (Stephanos brother), Piggeh, Mr Chair, Jenifer and Marzia. You will see how it turns out :)

BTW sorry if i miss spell something,my english isn't the best but i am really trying :)

Let me know if you like it :)


2. I love you




I woke up in the hospital next to Emily. When i opened my eyes i saw that she still wasn't awake. The room was small and bright. There woe 2 hospital beds with white pillows that wore more like rocks. In the corner was a small TV with a couple of books on the shelf under it. I herd a small knock on the door. It was Mr Chair.

"Are you ok? I saw what happened... I'm really sorry... Are Stephano and the girl ok?" he asked

"Yea... I'm fine,thanks for asking" i replied

I had a bandage on my nose. It hurt like hell. I think Barrels broke it but me and Stephano broke his so... Stephano... Where is he? Is he ok? I thought. With that,Emily started to wake up. I was so worried about her but i didn't want her to see me like this. I was too embarrassed from what i did. I shouldn't have done it. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended that i was sleeping.




As i was waking up, Mr Chair came up to me "Hi. I'm Mr Chair, Gonzales's and Stephanos friend.  Are you ok?" he asked very friendly. He had brown hair and green eyes. He wore glasses and a beret. He had a white chirt and a green vest. He wore brown jeans and brown shoes. He was very friendly and also very shy like me.
"I'm fine. Thanks for asking" I smiled, and Mr Chair smiled back at me and left the room. I slowly started to fall asleep again. Then Stephano came in




She was still half awake when Stephano came in the room. Oh,no... I thought I hope he doesn't think that i'm awake... He had a cast on his left arm and bruises all over him. His clothes wore all bloody. Now i feel bad... Then he came to Emily.

"I am really sorry for what happened. I shouldn't done it. But i was so angry at him. I couldn't stand to see him laughing at you. I'm sorry..." He kept repeating I'm sorry.

Emily finally came to herself. "You did what you had to do. It's not your fault. It's his fault for laughing and saying those mean things to you and me..." She replied

"I have to tell you something" Stephano said and sat on her bed

I was just laying on the bed and listening to all things that they wore talking about, pretending that i was asleep. I tried not to move a lot cause my nose was really hurting.

"What is it?" Emily replied

"Ever since i first looked at your beautiful blue eyes,i couldn't look away. You wore different from any other girl i know and i cant say to myself that you are my friend when i want you to be more than that"

"Wh-what are you trying to say?" Emily whispered trying to hold in her feelings.I knew that she knew what he was talking about,but still she asked...

"I am trying to say that I LOVE YOU.I don't want to be friends with you.I want us to be more than that."he leaned towards to her face

She whispered with a small smile on her face "I love you to Stephano..." She put her lips on Stephano's. I could see that he was surprised at first but then they both slowly closed their eyes and he kissed her back. I could feel a tear escaping my eye. I hope that they didn't notice it... I couldn't hold it in anymore. Is this just jealousy or do i have feelings for her? I wondered...

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