Renewed Love


1. After the battle

Renewed love 
Harry's pov
I walked back into the great hall and their was only one person I was looking for.Ginny!I saw her standing with her family looking at Fred's lifeless body and just in that moment a tear rolled down her cheek.I couldn't bear to see her upset over something I had done so I left and went to the lake.I stayed there for about an hour until I thought that I should probably go back but try and avoid Ginny.Ginny's POV
I saw harry walk in and walked slowly towards him as if I thought if I walked to fast he would leave again.I finally reached him and saw that he was staring at Tonks and Lupins lifeless bodies as silent tears rolled down his cheeks. I decided to stand beside him and wait until he acknowledged my presence. Harry and Ginny as if simultaneously both turned their heads to look at each other and without thinking or hesitation they kissed.

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