On Christmas morning Xanthe was given a book, a blank book but not by a family member by someone else...



What am i writing about i was meant to be keeping a story for future reference not yaddering on about my name and family origins!

Right where was I, oh yeah well we had breakfast together as a family (Me, my mum, my dad and Zainy – my little sister) like we always do in the morning then Zainy – yes she’s got a weird name too – (I guess i should just add in that we’re a wierd family all together!) started to get ridiculously jumpy as she was that excited and begged my mum to go and open the presents. My mum gave in (she can be a real push over sometimes) and Zainy dragged me into the living room. Our living room is pretty boring to be honest. It has mossy green wall’s and random plant’s dotted around the room but of course at the moment these random plants were covered in tacky tinsel and homemade decorations  which were close to crumbling. I was a tiny bit excited to be honest you see i had asked for these amazing DM’s for Christmas and although i know we don’t have alot of money at the moment i was still praying that there may be a small chance that Dad had splashed out for once. So I picked out my presents and began to open them.

The first few were nothing special just some chocolate and a few bath bombs all from a few relatives i only see in the summer – hint there in Greece. Then I got to my aunties presents and well i just knew they would be....different. You see she’s a bit of a hippie and buys odd presents. So this year I got a knitted bobble hat but instead of a bobble it had a sort of tail! Also some playing cards – which was pretty normal for her until I opened them and realised they had loads of pictures of ears on them. Yes....EARS! Well I guess it wasn’t too bad. One year I got a photo frame with someone i’ve never even seen before saying in it ‘My new Boyfriend’. I mean seriously, she’s 66 for God sake she shouldn’t still be getting boyfriends at that age!

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