On Christmas morning Xanthe was given a book, a blank book but not by a family member by someone else...


3. Possetion

What am I going on about I was meant 2 be writing about the book. Ok this is it how I really came into possession of this blank book:

Just before our Christmas dinner (my favourite part of the holiday’s) There was a knock at the door. Mum thought it was just our neighbours so she told me to get it. But it wasn’t Mr and Mrs Brown it was an old woman! When I opened the door she said ‘Hello love, you must be Xanthe.’ ‘Yes’ I said ‘That’s me?’. I had never seen this woman before so how did she know who I was.  All she said before strolling off was ‘Take this book, and whatever you do don’t lose it or give it away. I want you to keep it forever and pass it down through your family.’ Then she passed me the book with her wrinkled hands and left. All I could think was Who was she? And that I wanted to find out!

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