Why Me ? (Harry Styles )


2. The new Guy

As we made our way to our Homeroom I noticed a new kid hanging out with Louis and Zayn they are the in the the worst gang in school I decide to stay away from them last year when apparently they killed some guy In The summer, But there was something about him though he had Brown curly hair and gleaming eyes and the way his white t-shirt clung to his abs it was obvious that he had tattoos as you could see them through the white material. Usually I hate tattoos on a guy but on him he looked so hot "hello earth to Perrie " lily disturbed by daydreaming "yea soz what were you saying " I replied trying to cover up the fact that I had been staring at the new guy " well I was just asking Max and Josh did they know who that new kid is but they don't know. Do you?" She said. " No but I think I will stay away from him. I mean he's hanging out with Louis and Zayn"I told her "yea I agree anyway here we are" she stated as we stopped outside our Homeroom she gave Max a quick kiss as his and Josh's room was down the hall "see you girls at break" Josh said before he and Max walked away. As we where sitting talking to Livy our other friend I noticed the new guy walk in, oh god I thought to myself as he sat down beside me. "Hi I'm Harry I'm new do you mind if I sit here" he inquired "um hi I'm Perrie and yea sure " and he sat down "what module class are you in " I asked "14X what about you?" He replied. We were interrupted by the bell. "Right Guys you can go now " Mr Bentet said before getting back to his book.

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