Why Me ? (Harry Styles )


3. Not my crush

As Lily , Olivia and I walked into the canteen we noticed Max and Josh at a table over by the Window. "Hey guys" I said as we sat down "So did you find out who the new boy is " Max inquired "yeah he's called Harry Styles he's 18 and transferred from Oakwood High in England. Oh and Louis is his cousin that's why he was hanging out with him." I told them pleased with the information I had gathered " How the hell do you know all that ? " Josh asked " he's in my module class and I guess we just got talking , he's a really nice guy once you get to know him" I replied "aww has someone got a crush ???" Max teased " no " I defended myself trying not to blush "of course " Livy smirked. "Well I'm starving in going to get food " I stated and with that I walked over and joined the line and it was just my luck that Harry was In front. " Hey Perrie what would you advise me to get ?" he asked me "OH hey the chocolate muffins are fab or the fifteens " I replied as I grabbed a salad and a muffin . Just as I was walking back to our table some called after me "Hey Perrie" it was Harry "yea " I called back "do you mind if I sit with you guys u don't really know anyone apart from Louis and I don't really like his friends " he asked me batting his emerald eyes "Yea sure cone on we are just over here " I directed him over to the gang. As we approached Lily was smirking along with everyone " guys this is Harry Do you mind if he sits with us? I asked them " No that's fine" they all replied in sync " so Harry you play soccer?" Josh asked " Well I played foottie back in England it's technically the same we just call it football" told them politely "cool well you should come try out on Friday we use some more players " Max told Harry " so what classes do you have after break " Olivia asked us "well Harry and I have double period of Art and then maths , what about you" I told her " Physics and then English , we are doing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet maybe Ryan Bettie will be Romeo and I can be Juliet " she said with a sigh. As Harry and I walked walked to Art from my locker I noticed how many tattoos he had on his torso "Does it hurt I asked him ?" I asked " what the tattoos , the first time it does after that you kinda get used to it" he replied. I must admit art isn't my best subject but I was quite proud of my picture we had to draw a portrait of out partner Harry was quite hard to draw because of the detail of his tattoos. But on the other hand Harry is spectacular he is able to capture every detail right down to every eye lash. Maths went quite quickly and soon enough it was lunch. " God am I starving !!" I told Harry as I walked out of Mrs Dawson's classroom " me too let's go to the canteen "

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