Why Me ? (Harry Styles )


1. Back to Hell

I never thought that this day would come my final year at high school then I would go to uni and become doctor. Well that's my moms dream if it was my choice I'd drop out and peruse my dream of becoming a singer. "Perrie Fisher get your ass down here now " my mom screamed up the stairs, "coming now " I screamed back. About five minuets I finally dragged myself out of my bed and sauntered into the bathroom. I was sinning my heart out to "22" by Tailor Swift as the steaming water poured down my back when I was interrupted by the little shit I have to call my brother."Hurry up how long does it take you to get a shower, I'm going to be late for soccer and coach will kill me " my brother Josh shouted through the door " ok ok some ones got their nickers in a twist!!" I was quite proud of my response. " The smell of waffles wafted up my nose as I walked out of the bathroom as i adore waffles I quickly ran over to my closet and picked out floral high wasted shorts and a baby blue crop top thank god we don't have to wear school uniform. As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted by a charming smile from my dad "morning pumpkin did you sleep well?" He asked " yea thanks but please stop calling me pumpkin!!" I said in response he just laughed and continued drinking his coffee. After breakfast I ran upstairs and grabbed my bag and threw on some converse. As I was applying some make up Josh stuck his head round the door " hey leaving now and If you don't want to walk alone you can come too" he asked " yea sure thanks just give me a minute" I replied I decides to go with him as it's quite lonely on the train alone and plus he's not that bad really. The cool breeze blew in my face as I raced Josh to they train station. We nearly missed the train as Josh insisted on getting a Starbucks before we go. Lil my best friend and her boyfriend Max (Josh's best friend) we're waiting for us at the gates of School.

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