One man and one woman. He wants her; she's never met him and she's afraid of him. But this man doesn't take no for an answer; he takes what he wants. So he follows his woman home, watches her as she sleeps, then takes her for his prize. She struggles to get away and the man becomes confused; he just wantS to love her. Why doesn't she see? Everything he does is for love. She is his beloved Eve, his wife. Why does she run? Regardless, she fights him and tries to escape.
This man lives in a terrible fantasy...
And like every fairy tale, it comes to an end, a bloody one.

Lena's afraid. She sees a man when she looks over her shoulder everywhere she goes. Her friends don't believe her, no one does. When she wakes up in a strange place, all her worst nightmares have come true and she is alone.
This is a short story that I found in one of my old notebooks, a little twisted, maybe.. but I didn't right much I figured I'd post a chapter and see what happens. Join me for the ride! -Mary


1. Watching

He was always watching, Lena could feel his stare on her back all day. She didn't know who it was then and she tried to ignore it. Her friends thought that she was paranoid, but deep down she knew. 

"I get that feeling all the time." They would say. "It's nothing, just think about something else." 

"I can't I know it is real." She replied. Lena had gone to the police, more than once but they never found anything to prove her suspicion. Eventually, they put her on a list; list of the paranoid. Only one of her friends believed her, Byron. 

"If you believe it I do." He said with a warm smile on his face. He had offered to stay outside her house at night, but she shook her head. 

"If the cops can't find anything, maybe there isn't anyone following me." But deep down, she knew.

"Lets go out. Get a few drinks, get some of that weight off your shoulders." He put an arm around her shoulder and lead her to his car.

"You just want to get me drunk so you can have your way with me." Lena joked; Byron's face was serious.

"I would never. I respect you too much." He smiled, Lena looked at him intently. There was something in his eyes that was telling her more than he was saying. 

The bar was loud. Full of angry men playing pool and watching a game on the flat screen. Byron led her outside to the patio where it was quieter. They drank and laughed for awhile, and it felt normal. Lena didn't feel eyes on her back and she was having a good time. She looked at Byron with lazy eyes, the buzz kicking in. She felt light inside, lighter than she had it what felt like years. Byron was cute, she realized. He had soft brown eyes and light hair. He was tall, muscular, and confident. His smile was sweet, and white. 

"Lena, you still with me?" He laughed. 

"Yeah." She said. "Thanks for this."

"I figured you needed it." He laughed. They drank for a few more hours and then called a cab. By this time Lena felt completely fuzzy and warm inside. She laughed too loud and her speech was a little slurred, but she wasn't wasted. 

"I had fun." Byron said, when the cab stopped at her house. 

"Me too. It's been awhile since I've gone out." She admitted. She got out of the car and stood at the curb a moment.

"Let me walk you up." Byron said suddenly, scrambling to get out of the car. "That way I know you made it in okay and nothing is in the house."

"You just want me to invite you in. It's not gonna happen Byron, I'm not that drunk." She laughed. Byron rolled his eyes and told the driver to wait a moment.

"I wouldn't dare." He said turning around. They walked up the long path to her house. Lena stumbled on the porch steps and lost her balance. Quickly, Byron reacted and caught her. His arms were strong around her waist. He pulled her up and didn't let go. 

For a moment they stood there in silence, just looking at one another.

"Thanks." She muttered, feeling embarrassed. His arms were warm around her, and they made her feel bubbly inside. Finally she broke eye contact and looked to the ground.

"I better go." Byron said softly. "I had fun." he said again.

"Yeah." She smiled and looked up. He was inches from her face, so close she could feel his warm breath. Without thinking, her eyes closed and she leaned forward. His lips were warm and moist against hers. His arms wrapped tighter around her as he deepened the kiss. Lena gasped and pushed back gently. They both looked at each other wide eyed, and sobered up a bit.

"I am so sorry." He said. "I-I'll see you later."

Byron stepped off the porch and ran to the cab. Lena fumbled with her keys and stumbled into her house. She locked the door behind her and ran to her room, where she fell asleep.


Okay a short first chapter I will put up the second one right away. I hope this is okay... I have another thriller story, its paranormal. It's called 'To the Ends of the Earth' check it out please. xD If your into fanfictions I have a Hunger Games fanfic and I am a co-author of some JB stories, if you are fans of him...(even after recent events), with my lovely lovely friend Rose, jbforever, you should check her stories out! <3 Okay announcements are done. Now for chapter two..Like Comment, all the works. Hope you enjoyed this. -Mary

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