There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


8. Worse Day Ever

    So now it was Sunday. I was going to take Luke to the indoor waterpark, the zoo, and the park that night. I woke up early, and helped mom prepare breakfast. When everybody woke up we all ate, and then we chilled out on the couch for about thirty minutes.

 I got up from the couch and said, "Well me and Luke are out of here! Were going to be gone till around seven. I have to take him to three places!"

 Mom said, "Well be careful, and are you taking a cab, or the car?"
"Let's take a cab, so can we have money?"

  Dad gave me some twenties, a ten, and a fifty. I ran upstairs put on my swimsuit, put on a tea shirt, and shorts. I told Luke to bring his swim trunks before we left so it was a good thing he didn't forget them.

 I got downstairs, and Luke said, "So Izzy where are we going? This hot day?"

 I laughed and said, "Three places and if we have time four! This will be the best day ever! Just you and me babe!"
 He started laughing and said, "That has a nice tune too it."
  I stood there and looked at dad, and mom and they were both laughing, and I didn't understand what I said.

 Dad said, "Sweetie you said babe. You called him babe, and he's saying that it has a nice ring too it."
  I laughed, held his hand, and then we ran out the door. I told mom, and dad that I love them, and we was out of there.

  Luke said, "I know that it is not that hot here, like it is in Alabama so where are we going?"
 I said, "A indoor waterpark. Then the zoo, and a romantic time, and night at the park."

  Luke looked, at me, and swung my hand with his, and said, "Babe that sounds nice! Can't wait, and shoot yea it will be."

 My phone went off and it was Luke. I looked at Luke, and said, "Well it's Luke."

 He told me to answer so I answered it, and said, "Hey Luke."

 Luke said, "Hey Izzy do you want to hang out with me and Lacy? Oh and just you!"
 I said, "No Luke. Luke and I have plans today, and were just too tide up. Sorry."
 "Come on Izzy. I know you want too."

 "No Luke, I really don't. I just want it too be me and my boyfriend today. He's never been to New York."
 "Fine have it your way."

 I hung up, and told Luke, "Let's go Babe. Everything is ok."
 So we finally got to the waterpark, and we had a blast! Then here came my New York friends. Lacy and Luke.

 Luke came up and said, "How did I know you would be here? Maybe because you bring all of your boyfriends here."
 I looked at Luke my boyfriend, and then looked at Luke my ex and said, "No  Luke. I do not!"
  Luke my boyfriend said, "I don't care Luke as long as I am with her. I am happy."

  Luke said, "I doubt that. Your just trying to butter her up, and then break up with her."
  "I am not like that Luke. I promise I will keep her safe if you are worried about her. I am a cowboy you know."

  "Then where is your cowboy hat?" Then Luke punched him in the nose.

   Luke, and Lacy laughed, and left the waterpark. I crouched down by his side, and rubbed his head.

  I started crying and said, "I am so sorry! We should go back home." I called a cab, and we went home.

 Well when I got home we walked through the door, and said, "Mom I need an ice pack. Pronto!"
   Mom came in with a ice pack, and said, "Oh my gosh what happened?"

   "Luke is what happened. I thought him and Lacy were my friends, but their not. They are terrible!"

  Luke hugged me with one arm and said, "Sweetheart it's ok! I guess I shouldn't have stole his girl."
  "No Luke your fine! I like you not him. You didn't steal his girl."

  Luke squeezed me harder, and said, "Well I can still go to the park tonight! I seen in a flyer there is going to be fireworks!"
  I said, "Yeah I wanted it too be a surprise but oh well. If you feel up to it."
  He shook his head, and I told mom I wanted to talk to her in the kitchen. When we got to the kitchen I started crying and told her that Luke my ex boyfriend isn't anything like when we were going out. She just told me that people change, and that he can't handle not having me anymore.

 So I had made it official. Today was the worse day ever! My ex boyfriend isn't who I thought he was, and punched my boyfriend in the face. I just couldn't wait till tonight.

 So tonight came, and we went to the park, and watched fireworks.

 While we was there Luke said in my ear, "Do you know how beautiful you look?"
 I shook my head no, and he said, "Your too beautiful! I know that we want to take it slow, and everything but I have a wish."

 I said, "Oh you do? What would that be? To kiss me? If it is that is what my wish is too!"

 He smiled, and said, "Yes, very much so is." He looked at me, and we kissed. Now there wasn't only fireworks in the sky, but now in my stomach, and in my head. Luke my ex never made me feel like this, and it was kind of a good thing.  

 We held hands till we got inside, and I told mom that we had kissed tonight and it was way different then how my ex boyfriend Luke was. It was good. She told me good for you sweetie. I am happy for you! You too definitely make a good couple.

 Before I went to bed, I whispered in Luke's ear, "Goodnight Babe, hope your packed tomorrow it's going to be a ruff morning."

 He said, "Already got that done! Don't worry babe, good night!" Then he kissed my nose. There were the fireworks again, I turned around, and went to bed.

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