There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


3. The New House

  Well we made it too the new house, and the twins ran inside the house, and left their luggage which they wouldn't have gotten anyway since they are little toddlers. I stood outside of the house with mom, and dad. Dad looked at me, and squeezed my shoulder.

  Mom said, "Sweetie I am sure you will like it here. We live on a farm, and we have a barn. Their might be horses, or something in there. How about you go find out."

  I looked back at mom and started toward the barn. I heard a noise, and jumped, and this boy came out of the corn field. He looked about my age.

  He looked at  me and said in a country accent,  "Hi there, didn't mean to scare you. My name is Luke."

 I stood there for a moment because my ex boyfriends name was Luke. I just turn around, and say nothing.

  Luke said, "Well that is pretty rude, you don't have to be a jerk. Just because you come from the city, you don't have to be a stuck up."

  I turn back around and said very edgy,  "Well Luke, my ex boyfriends name is Luke, I miss my friends, and I don't want to be here. So thank you very much, but I am not stuck up."

  "Well I am sorry that you feel that way. It is really pretty here. You will make a lot of new friends here, and I will be your first friend. I am also your neighbor. I live right beside you past the barn. You have horses in the barn if you didn't know that. The owner didn't want them so he left them here for your family. So what is your name?"

  I look at him, and smile and say, "My name is Isabelle. I want to try to ride a horse, so if your my friend will you help me?" I have no clue why I am asking this guy that I just knew for like five minutes if he will help me ride a horse, but I did.

  Luke smiled back and said, "Why sure thing I will. We look about the same age. I am sixteen years old, and I love to ride horses. I even rope a little."

  I said, "Well I am sixteen too, and I want to learn becuase I think I will love to ride."

  So we both walked to the barn, and saddled up the horses. I was a little afraid getting on the horses back since I have never really rode one before. We saddled up another horse for Luke and we was going to go through the field since I wasn't ready for a trail yet.

  Luke helped me get up on the Ginger. That was her name, and he rode Cowboy. I don't really know why the horse name was Cowboy but he knew that, that was his name.

  I finally got on Ginger, and Luke said, "Are you good Isabelle?"
  I looked back at him and said, "Why yes I am!"

   "Ok now to get Ginger to go you need to kick her a tad, and not pull on the reigns too much."

 So I did that and she just started walking. Luke was right beside me, and assured me that everything was going to be ok. We got in the field, and I could see mom, and dad watching me and Luke but I didn't say anything.

 Luke said, "Ok well we made it out too the field. Do you want to run her?"

 I looked at him with big eyes, and said, "Yes I would love too!"
 "Ok you kick her harder, and do what you did a while ago, and do the same thing to stop her, and you will be fine."

 So I kicked her harder and I felt like I was flying in the air. We made a circle, and I went around a barrel which I have never done before, and stopped back where Luke was.

 "Well I be darn you look like you already know how to barrel race!"

 "Never done it in my life, I just was going around a barrel. Do you want to eat dinner with us? I mean its getting pretty late, and I know mom is cooking some chicken and dumplings, mash potatoes, and some corn."
 "You folks are already living country. We can go back to my house, you can meet my folks, and then I will ask." So that is what we did.

  Luke's mom, Marie seemed nice, and his dad George. They said yes that he could come over,  so we went back to my house, before me and Luke went back to the house we went back to the barn.

  Luke said, "You know what?"

  I looked at him kind of shyly and said, "What?

  "I think we will become best friends, and we might even date."
   I just laughed, and said, "Oh you don't know that but too be honest you are kind of cute. I think we should be friends right now though, because I don't know you, and you definitely don't know me."
 "You are a cute lad yourself. I agree, but one day I hope that we will go out."

  I just laughed and we went inside, for some dinner.

  Mom said, "Well I am sure gald you guys got to come over. I am sorry if it looks too city, but were trying to make it look country."
  Marie said, "Don't be silly this house looks so country!"

  "Well I was talking about the dishes but that's good too."
 I looked at Luke and he laughed. We both went upstairs so I could show him my room.

 Luke said, "Well dang I have never been in this house, but it is humongous in the inside. I mean look at your room!"

 I laughed and said, "Well my room back at home was bigger than this."
Luke stopped smiling and said, "Well there is a story to this house you know. Somebody lived in this house like way back. They didn't even have cars back then, but a wife, and a husband lived in this house. They were newly weds, and they absolutely loved the country. Well one night the woman told her husband that she was pregnant. He did not want a baby at all, and so late at night he kissed her, and took a gun to her head, and killed her. He put her in a bag, and buried her, and said that she had fell down the steps and he put her back in the bed to try to revive her. Everybody knew that he had killed her, so he ran to another town and never was seen again."
  My eyes widened, and said, "Oh no my mother is pregnant!"

   "Don't worry Izzy everything will be fine." He held my hand and smiled at me.

 I smiled back and didn't let go of his hand. I said, "Well I have my first nickname!"

 "Oh yea hope you don't mind?"
 I looked at my cell phone because that is what my ex used to call me and said, "Not at all Luke. Not at all."

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