There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


19. Senior Year

  I couldn't believe that it has been three years. I am now a senior! I wasn't ready to grow up but the time has come. It was the last day of school for us, and mom, and dad were down in the kitchen. I'm leaving, and the twins are starting. It was a sad day for both of my parents but really I was ready to leave high school.

  When I was thinking about everything over the years, and what my future held I heard Luke downstairs at the doorway. I couldn't believe that we have been going out for three years and we never really got in big arguments. Every time we disagreed we prayed to God to help guide us, and help us compromise, and we always had that piece that God has it under control. I ran downstairs, and hugged Luke. Luke said, "Look at my girl, you be looking good."

  I kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks babe you look cute yourself." I hugged mom and dad and said, "Bye love you!" They started crying and I said, "Oh it's not like I won't be back home tonight. I will be here all summer, and then I am leaving in the fall. You know that." 

  Mom said, "I know and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you." I shook my head, and hugged her again.

  I hollered to the twins and said, "If you want to ride with Luke the car will be leaving soon."

  Alex hollered from upstairs and said, "Sissy I need help tying my shoes." So I went up there and tied both of their shoes because I knew that. Oh yea almost forgot too my mom had a our baby sister Elizabeth she was two. So I picked her up and gave her a hug, and she said, "Bye, bye sissy." I kissed her and she really was sweet, and cute. I ran downstairs with the twins, and got out in the car. 

  When we got to the preschool I walked in the twins, and they were scared to death. I said, "It's ok guys. Think, you will make so many friends you just have to be nice, and respectful."

   Angie said, "Well ok." Then they both went to the play dough area, and I left. When I got in the car Luke kissed me. Then we were off, too the last time I will see the high school. See we don't get a graduation because we are such and small school, and poor. Our teachers hand us our diplomas at the end of the day.

  After school we went and picked up the twins and then Luke said,"Babe can you believe that this is our last day of high school?"

  "No I can not! I also can't believe that we are still going out since three  years ago."

  "I can't either. It's because we have turned everything to God and handed everything to him. When we would almost get in a argument we would turn to God, and keep us straight. So we really need to thank God for all of this."
  "Yes, we do and that's why I already have. I thank him everyday that he allowed for me to come here, and meet you. I think about when you were away two years ago at that rodeo camp, and you were gone for so long I didn't think that we would last. Even though it was two months it felt like a year."
  "Yes, I know and I won't leave that long again. I love you Isabelle May."
  "I love you too Luke Andrew. Let's make this summer awesome! It's our last break without any homework or anything. From here on out our lives really begin. Me being a teacher, and you going to be a pharmacist. It all starts here."


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