There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


4. School

 Well the next day we had to go to school, and get enrolled. The teacher showed me all of the classes that I had to go too. I had almost all classes with Luke! I was pretty excited about that, I just had one class that I wasn't in with him. After that we went home, and I rode Ginger for a bit, and then went inside to figure out what I was going to wear. I didn't want to be too city, and I definitely didn't want to look like a redneck. So I decided to wear a plain shirt, pants, and some of my converse shoes.

 The next morning mom had woken me up, and let me tell you I did not want to wake up. I got ready for the day, and then one of the twins got sick and threw up all over me. So I had to go and change my shirt. I went outside too catch the bus, and Luke was waiting for the bus too.

 I said, "Hey Luke."

 Luke looked at me, started smiling and said, "Hey there Izzy. What happened to you yesterday after school?"

 "Well first I went for ride on Ginger, and then I went in and helped mom cook some dinner. Then I went to bed early like at six because I was afraid I would be so tired this morning."

 "Not going to lie I kind of missed not getting to hang out with you."

 I just smiled, and the bus pulled up. Luke got on the bus first. The bus driver told me to pick any open seat, and was glad to have me here. I told her thank you and followed Luke to a seat. When I sat down a bunch of people was staring at me.

 Luke said, "Don't worry about them. They will get use to you eventually."
 I laughed and said, "Ok good. Not even in the city did they have this many people staring at you."

  "Well look at you. I mean if I was a guy that didn't know you I would be staring at you too, but I know you so. Also you come from the city, and if you had a country boy like me come to the city, I am sure that some people would stare at me."

 I looked out of the window, and said, "Oh yes, that is so true."

 We finally got to school, and my locker was on a corner, so I only had a person on the other side of me. A boy came up to the locker beside mine, and just stared at me.

 I said, "Hello my name is Isabelle. Nice to meet you! What is your name?"

 The boy stuttered and said, "My name is John. Nice to meet you too Isabelle."

  "Well I am going to find Luke, and get too my class."

  "How do you know him?"
 "Oh we are neighbors, so we have met each other."

 I turned around and went to Luke's locker. A girl had just left his locker, and I said, "Hey Luke, who was that?"

 Luke looked at me, and said, "Jealous much girl?"
 "No, I am just wondering who she is. Remember I am new here I just know you and John."

 Luke said, "John who?"

 I looked at him and said, "I don't know his last name! I just met him, he is my neighbor for my locker."

  "Well you don't need to talk to him. He is trouble. He sleeps around with a bunch of girls, and he has slacked off of being a Christian. He never goes to church anymore, and he definitely doesn't come to youth group."

  "Oh will do, we better get to class." So we walked to class.

 After school, Luke and I got on the bus, and we talked about going riding on a trail once we got home. Then the rest of the way home we were quiet.

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