There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


2. Riding

Well on our way to our new house, my Dad was so excited and my mom was of course in the front seat. I got stuck in the back, back of our van because the twins Angie and Alex  because they got dibs on those two seats in the middle. They are only two but who cares, I know I should not of had got the back, back. Well we stopped at a McDonalds, and Alex ended up throwing up because of the winding roads that we were travelling on. So When Alex threw up then Angie threw up, so we had to pull on the side of the road and clean them up. Not the best day so far for me.

So we ended up staying the night in a motel because Dad was getting tired, and Mom didn't want to drive. While we was in our room, I went out into the hallway to get some air, which wasn't much but it was something, and my Dad followed me out there.

Dad said, "Well baby girl isn't this fun or what?"
 "No dad it isn't. I got taken away from my boyfriend now ex, and  my best friend now ex, and then coming here Alex and Angie threw up, and I had to sit in the back, back of the car and you know I don't like that."

 "I get that you don't like it but I will assure you that it will get better so don't worry about it. You just need to try to enjoy it. Enjoy the towns we go by, and the nature God put on this Earth. Tomorrow we will make it there and you can pick which bedroom. The twins will sleep together, and then there is me your mom, and a little newcomer. God has a plan for us, and you know it. So just don't sweat it."  

I didn't know what to think of this, I mean I knew that God had a plan for everybody, but it was still the country. So I stuttered a little and said, "Were going to have a brother or a sister?"

Dad said, "Well it looks like it, your Mom thinks it is going to be a girl, but we don't know. We just found out a month  ago."

This was so unexpected for me. I didn't know what to think of having a new brother or sister. I mean I guess it would be fun to help take care of a little baby. I know that I had enough practice with the twins, but I don't know it sounds pretty fun. So I hugged Dad, went inside, and went to bed. Can't wait till tomorrow starts.  





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