There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


10. Not Happening

  So two weeks have gone by, and me and Luke has been spending a lot of time together. Riding horses, getting things at the store for my mama and his, and eating at each other houses.

  One day riding after school Luke said, "Babe I have been thinking we have been going out for about two weeks now, and I have never taken you on a date."
  "Oh I don't need to be taken on a date as long as I am with you I am fine."
  "Well I know that you are probably used to eating at restraunts, and going to carnivals. Well we are having a parade, carnival, and it's always a big hit! We only have a week left of school, and then summer! They always have it the next week. It's a week thing, and they let off fire works, and it's free! So I was thinking how about we go out for dinner next week, and then that night we can go to the carnival."
  I smiled really big! I thought how cool is this. I mean I have a boyfriend that knows what I like, and he wants me to feel happy. I said,"Why Luke Andrew I would love too. You are the sweetest man in the whole wide world besides my daddy."

  We hugged and then went back home. When we got home we were holding hands, took off the saddles, and gave the horses baths. I seen that there was a car at the house and said, "Hey Luke is that your car?"
  "No never seen it in my life. Let's go and check it out."
  So we went up to the house. When I seen through the screen, I said,"Oh no! Luke lets go back to the barn. I don't think we should be here for a while."
  "Well who is it Izzy?"
  My eyes widened and said, "It's Luke."
  I took him by the hand and ran to the barn. Luke said, "Baby you can't stay here for the rest of the night. I will go home, and then we will meet by the barn at seven."
  I took his hand and said, "No, I don't want to talk to him. You need to stay here with me."
   Luke looked at Ginger, and said, "You need to talk to him. Trust me on this you guys obviously need to discuss some things. I will let you go, and I will meet you here at seven. I love you." So he got up and left me. I couldn't believe it but maybe he was right.

  I got to the house, and I seen Luke and he came up and hugged me. I thought what does he think he is doing hugging me, but I just let it go.

  I led him to the chair, and I said, "Luke you need to go back home. What are you doing here anyway?"
  "Izzy I am not going home until you take me back. I still love you, and I know you feel the same."
  I looked at mom, and she left the room. I said,"No Luke I don't. I told you I didn't back at New York. You need to leave now."
  "Well I am not. Mom, Dad, and I are staying at a motel, and I told them that we weren't leaving till I have you back."
  "Ok well little newsflash, it will never happen. I am into someone else. We are doing very good. So you need to leave. Besides shouldn't you be in school?"
  "I am not going to leave, and no were already on summer break. I will spend my summer break down here in hot, sweaty Alabama to take you back."
I didn't say anything. I just got up, and ran out into the woods. What does he think he is doing? Showing up unattended, trying to declare his love for me. I do not like him. I like Luke my boyfriend now. I started crying, because I was so ashamed that he came down here. People might say that it was sweet, but I think it is rude. He should be my friend and support who I go out with, and not tell me that I shouldn't go out with Luke. 

  I heard someone running through the woods, yellling my name, and I knew it was Luke my boyfriend. When he found me he said, "Shh baby girl. What happened?"
   I started rambling off, "I think it is rude of him to come here, and declare his love for me. I told him I like you alot, and you make me feel like a dream. He is trying to ruin that for us. He said he is staying here till I let him back in. So we can go out." I started sobbing some more.

  "There, there everything will be alright. Do what you want to do. It is your choice."
  I looked up at his blue eyes and said, "Not him. I want you, and only you."
  He picked me up off the ground, and carried me back to the house. I didn't realize it, but I twisted my ankle and couldn't walk.

   When we got to the house, he walked in, and told my mother that we need ice. He layed me down on the couch, and rubbed my head. He was taking care of me. What boyfriends are suppose to do. He took ice, and he knew it wasn't broken but put ice on it.

  Luke my ex said, "What are you doing here Luke?"
  Luke said in a calm voice, "I am here to take care of my girlfriend. When you made her run out of here crying, I seen her run up through the woods. So I followed her to make sure everything was ok. She twisted her ankle so I had to carry her back."
  Luke didn't say anything. 

  I put my hand on his face, and said,"Thank you, I know that I ain't the lightest person, but I am glad you are here for me. I love you."

  Mom brought us tea, and I ended up falling asleep. I don't really know why I fell asleep I guess I was exhausted from running and crying. I knew that me and Luke Andrew would stay together, me and Luke from New York is so not happening and my former boyfriend now will know that.

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