There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


21. News

So we were going back to Alabama to share to both of our parents. We wanted to surprise them by having them come into the city and have lunch with us. On our ride back I didn't go to sleep this time, but couldn't stop talking because I was so excited to tell our parents.

We finally got to Alabama and I was shaking so ready to tell them! I took off my ring so they wouldn't notice and we told the restaurant to have the drinks have lil engagement rings which we bought. Then after our dinner we would have cake and it will say the big news.

So when we got to the restaurant we gave the waitress the four rings and put them in their drinks before they bring them out. Finally both of our parents came and I was so excited to see my parents I did miss them even though we wasn't gone long. I guess they got a babysitter for the twins.

We got all seated and when we ordered our drinks and they brought them out we talked for a bit, and finally my mom said, "What is in my drink?"

So I said, "Well you will see just leave it in there and you will get to see what it is."

So we ate and it was cake time. After my dad got done eating he said, "Well it's time to go."

"No, we have to wait." So we sat there and the waitress came out with this cake and it said "Luke and Isabelle have a surprise!"

They looked at us and I said, "What do u think was in your drink? You guys can take it out now." So they did. Then of course both of our parents started crying.

Luke's mom said, " I am so happy for you guys!" Of course my dad knew since Luke asked my dad but he was lit up from ear to ear.



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