There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


6. New York City

  The next morning, we all packed up our suit cases in the car, and went to Luke's house to get him. I went up to the door, and he had his luggage in his arms and said, "I am already to go Izzy let's get to New York!"

  I hugged him and said in an exciting voice and said, "We aren't coming back till Monday morning so Sunday we can hang out with my friends!"

  Luke kind of stuttered and said, "Is your ex boyfriend going to be there?"

  I laughed and said, "Yes of course silly! He is my friend now. So we better get going." So we went outside, and got in the car.

  On the way to New York it was interesting. Luke and I played a bunch of games like eye spy, we talked about what we want to do when we grow up, and everything what we have in common. It was fun, and then we made it too New York City. Early the next day.

  When we got to New York, Luke had texted me and told me that he would be at visitation and we have to catch up.

  Luke my friend from Alabama laughed and said, "I am going to just stay with your parents, and you can sit and catch up with him. I am sure that we will be there till its over."

  I put my hand on his knee and said, "Please don't be jealous."

  Luke whispered in my ear and said, "I don't understand why you won't go out with me? I mean we just played 20 questions and you already know what my favorite colors are, what my favorite animal is, and what I want to do when I grow up."

  So I smiled, and finally gave in and said, "Ok! Luke I will go out with you." 

   Luke hugged me and said, "I won't let you down, I will protect you, and I will be sure you are safe."

   "Yay! Hey Mom,Dad, me and Luke are now a couple!"

  Mom smiled, and said, "How exciting!"

  Dad agreed too so that was good. I just don't know how my ex boyfriend Luke will take it.

  Well we got to my grandmas house, and we put all of our luggage inside. My grandma was wealthy, and my grandpa had died three years ago. I really missed my grandpa, so it's going to be interesting how well I will take it with my grandma gone too. 

  Later that night we went to visitation, and I seen Lacy, and Luke. Me and Luke my boyfriend right now walked through the door.

  I said, "Ok Luke, I will go meet my friends, and you can go and sit with mom and dad."

  Luke shook his head, and I went over there.

  I said, "Hey guys! I didn't think I would ever see you guys again!"

  Lacy said, "Well here you are! How is the country, and how is their school down there?"

 "Oh it's good, and it's good, made a friend, and he's my neighbor."

  Luke said, "Hey get over here!"  Then we hugged.

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