There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


20. College

  Summer flew by, just how I thought it would. Luke and I of course did everything together. I mean we were going to the same college but I couldn't get enough of hanging out. I really do love him, I just want to be with him all the time, and we are very religious with our faith which helps out a lot.

  Now it was the day for me and Luke to go off to college. It was a bitter sweet moment. I will miss my family so much. I had my bags packed by the door, and when I walked down the stairs Luke was waiting by the door with my parents, brother , and sisters. My siblings were crying and I knew that mom would so it wasn't surprising. I said, "Well bye everybody we will come back in a month. See you then." I hugged them all.

  Mom said, "See you then, I love you. Always keep your head up, and have fun, and be careful." 

  "I will mom don't you worry."

  Dad said, "My baby girl is all grown up. Do like your mother told you to do, and I love you."

  I told them both that I loved them too, and hugged my brother, and sisters. Then I told Luke and said, "Let's go babe. We have a three hour long ride it won't be fun."

  "Honey as long as I am with you it will be fun."  Then he kissed me and we got in the car. I am taking my bike so I can ride it around campus and off, course if I go anywhere before a month I will just take Luke's. My mom and dad are bringing my car up in a month and dad will drive separate so they can get back home.

   On the way to school we rocked out to some of the Message, and then we stopped and ate some food. After like eight hours of driving we finally made it that night. We still had a week away from school but they told us that we could come here early and get settled in, and make some friends. We were going to a Christian school which name was Angel Collage. I really don't know why they called it that but they did.

  I got out of the car, and Luke said, "Well the guys dorm is over on the other side of the street but you are here. The lady told us that the pool for practices is over there in that grey building. Try outs are Saturday and they will call you Sunday."

 "Ok thanks babe, and sorry I fell asleep on you. I didn't mean too. Well I will get my stuff up the stairs and into my dorm and then you can go over to yours. Text and tell me what you are doing tonight, like if you go out to eat or at the restaurant by the campus."

  "Ok will do see you later." 

  I got my bags, lamp, and everything that I needed up stairs. When I got to the room my room mate was already up there, and so I said, "Oh hi my name is Isabelle what is your name?" 

  "My name is Pepper. My real name is Pepperati but I go by Pepper."

  "Oh well hey Pepper so what are you doing here at this college? I mean what are you trying to major in?

  "Well I want to become a teacher what about you?"

  "I am going to be a  teacher too, and my boyfriend is going to be a pharmacist but he came to here to be a vet. Incase pharmacist  didn't go well."

  "Oh well that's cool, and who is your boyfriend?"

  "His name is Luke you will see him around. So where do you live?"

  "Well I live in New York and now I am here."

  "Oh my gosh I used to live in New York too, but then I moved down to Alabama."

  "Sweet, so I am guessing that you went to Alabama and you found Luke, and then you guys fell in love." 
  I laughed and said, "Yeah that pretty much clears it up. So do you have a boyfriend?"

  "Oh no I don't we broke up before I came because he didn't want a long distance relationship. We didn't think that it would work."

  "Well you know my grandmother always said if you love that person than you will do anything you can to stay together with him, and love him even though you can't see him. My grandmother was amazing she taught me a lot about life."

  "Well I never thought about it that way."

  "So are you going to call him?"

  "I don't know he probably don't have any feelings for me anymore. I guess I kind of ran him off."

  "If he loves you then he will come back to you."

  "I think I like you being my roommate. You sound like that you have a lot of sense, and a lot of wisdom."

  "Well I guess. I try my best. Well I am going to walk around the campus." So when I got to the park I seen a whole bunch of lights slung up on the trees, and a gazebo. Of course it was dark out but it was so beautiful and in the middle of the gazebo was a dinner table and there was Luke waiting for me. When I got up there I said, "Luke what is this?"

  "Well babe I just thought that we need to celebrate our first time together starting college." He took my hand and spun me around the gazebo while violinist played music. 

Luke then said "Listen babe I really do love you. The first time that you ever came to Alabama and I seen you I knew that we were destined to be with  each other." Ok then I really started crying, it was just so sweet. "Anyway now here we are four years later, In college and loving every minute with each other." He then got down on one knee and a slide show started playing pictures of us from the time that I first moved to Alabama till today before we left. Then said, "Isabelle I love you with all of my heart and love your personality. I will love you and protect you." Ok so now I was balling at this time and then he proceeded to say, "Will you marry me?" I shook my head yes, he put the ring only finger and then we kissed.



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