There is this family and they just moved into a new town in Alabama. She lived in New York, and her father got a job down in Alabama. She had to leave her boyfriend, and her best friend. She is the oldest. Her other two siblings is two years old. See what Isabella has to go through!


13. Adventure to Paris

  Ok so we all woke up early, and got our bags ready. We were riding with the Andrews, and Luke and I could not get to sleep last night at all. We were too excited! I didn't know what we was going to do, but I knew it had to be something special and fun.

  My birthday was last week, and I am seventeen sometimes I wonder if this is part of my birthday. Probably not but it will still work.

   Dad comes in my room and says, "Goodmorning sweetie! Are you ready for the day?"
  "Never been more ready! How far is it too the airport from here?"
  "Well about two hours, that is why we are getting up at four thirty this morning. I hope you slept last night, but I don't think you did because I heard you talking to someone on the phone last night."
  I giggled and said, "Well we were face to face on facetime. Sorry dad it won't happen again but we were both so excited to be going to Paris together!"

  "It's ok baby girl I could barely go to sleep myself. You meet us downstairs with your suitecase.Your mom wanted me to remind you not to forget a swimsuit."

  "Ok daddy I have it all packed." I got my luggage and flew downstairs with it. The twins wouldn't remember this but boy I would!

  Luke jumps out of the car, and got my bags and said, "Ready?"

  "More than you ever know!"
  We all got in the van and we were off! I was so excited that I thought that I was going to pee myself. Ok so not really but I was excited. While we was going down the road we seen Luke from New York and he waved and looked confused.

  "Stop! I have to tell him where we are going" I said. So Mrs. Andrew stopped the car and I jumped out of the very back. Not to mention I don't like it if you remember when I was coming to Alabama.

  Luke from New York said, "Hey where are you all going?"
  "Well we are going to Paris for a vacation for a month. Mom and dad want's to go so we are going."
  "Oh well I hope you have fun. I am going back to New York in a couple of weeks. Will I see you till then?"
  "No we aren't coming back for a month."

  "Oh yea you told me."
  "Well I have to go or we will be late for our flight. I will miss you. I really will but back whenever we went back to New York I felt something different between us. I mean I loved you in New York but I am here, and you are there so you know it won't work. I go to a small school, and you go to a big school where there are a lot of different girls that you don't know. You go to a big private school and I am here at a public school."

  "True and that is why I am going back to my home. Mom and Dad decided to go back, and they don't want to live here. They don't think that they can handle it being here away from the city, and so many activities to do."

  "Well it is probably for the best, I mean you will be happy. I will see you around before summer is over we will go back over to New York and I will see you then. I do want to be friends but I don't want to be your girlfriend. I see now how you treated me back in New York sometimes. Sometimes it was good, and sometimes it was bad." I gave him hug and kiss on the cheek. I was kind of upset that he was leaving but I know that I didn't like him like I used too.

   I went back to the car, and mom said, "What was that about?"

  "Oh he's moving back to New York, and so I told him bye. I told him that I want to be friends, but I didn't have any feelings for him."

  Mom looked at me and said, "Oh well that is good honey."

  We finally got to the airport, and we were so excited. I leaned over to Luke and said, "I am so sitting by you. This will be exciting! I can't wait to get there!"

  Luke hugged me, and said, "Me too babe"

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