The Mistakes of Our Ancestors

The year is 693. In a world wear humans and magical beings are separated, blood is everything. The Halflings, a race created by the mating of magical and non-magical blood, are unwanted. At least, they were until the magical military were wiped out by a mysterious villain. Bambrielle, Onyx, Lucas and Astrid are the four smartest Halflings in the world, and it is their job to find this monster. Can they even manage it? They will need to use their own unique skills to save the world as they know it, while their opponent uses his skills to destroy it. But who is really the villain? Everyone's morality is questionable now...


6. Out Of Sorts

She surfaced from her slumber, screaming like a girl possessed. Onyx burst through the door first, closely followed by the other two. Bambrielle curled her hair into her fists and squeezed her eyes shut, as if this alone would remove the nightmare from her memory. Lucas rushed over to her and pulled her hands away from her head. She looked up at him, at all of them. Each had the same expression of shock and fear, and it was all for nothing; nothing but a bad dream. “What happened? Are you okay?” He asked frantically, searching her face for any signs of physical harm. “I-I’m sorry,” She gently twisted her wrists out of the boys grasp and looked down in embarrassment, “it was just a really bad dream is all…” Lucas hugged her, something quite out of character, but she hugged back. So they sat in silence for a minute or two, Astrid and Onyx standing awkwardly by the door in their night things. Astrid wore a long, flowing nightgown, clearly made of the finest silk, and Onyx wore a pair of jogging bottoms. Lucas was in bottoms and a hoodie, which Bambrielle found surprisingly soft. Astrid padded to the window silently and stared into the early morning sky. “We should all get ready;” She said softly, “The early bird catches the worm, does it not?” It felt strange to hear the girl speak such human-like things. Bambrielle had heard humans say things like that before, but never had she imagined that they would come from Astrid’s mouth. She was right though. They gained nothing by sitting around. Onyx granted Bambrielle permission to use the bathroom first, so long as she didn’t dawdle. Once she was done, she got changed in her room and half ran, half fell down the stairs. By the time she got to the last few steps, she was flat out tumbling. “Careful,” Astrid, who just so happened to be walking past, grabbed her arm before she hit the ground, “You seem a little out of sorts today.” Bambrielle could only manage a nod. She was having one of those days… It usually happened around once a month. For a whole day, her senses would just be dulled until they were even bad for a human. She walked unsteadily into the room they had been in yesterday when they first arrived at the house. “Got a hangover or something?” Lucas looked up from the newspaper before him, concerned, “You look awful.” Onyx got up and helped her into a chair. “Come on, she’s not stupid enough to do that. Hunters look after their bodies a lot better than we do.” He rolled his eyes. Clearly, how Lucas had made it to the top four institute graduates was a mystery to him. Bambrielle leant forward on her elbows and rubbed her eyes, then shook her head. They were meagre efforts to regain her senses. She knew it wouldn’t work though; she would just have to make do. It was getting worse, and quickly. She could barely hear, and her sight was blurry. Blinking didn’t help, and her brain was straining to make sense of what was happening around her. She wished she could just find out why this happened, and then maybe she could find a way to fight back. Barely audible mumbling and a high pitched buzz was all she could hear. A hand found its way to her shoulder and shook it violently. She tried to find its owner, but her sight was so bad that the only thing she could see clearly was a wrist. More muffled mumbling. The blur that was shaking her moved closer, pushing Bambrielle’s hair out of her eyes. It was Onyx, hair slung into a low ponytail. She could see his mouth moving, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying. She just shook her head, for her throat felt so sore she doubted she could even speak. He pulled her up gently and Astrid rushed to help. Together, they guided her unsteady feet out of the room. Once they reached the stairs, Onyx placed Bambrielle on the floor, wrapped her arms around his neck, and hoisted the girl on to his back. Astrid must have left, as there was one less fuzzy blob in her sightline. Onyx started up the stairs slowly, making sure that the girl on his back didn’t slip. She held on tightly and she was soon in her bedroom. He didn’t ask questions, which was lucky as Bambrielle wouldn’t have been able to answer them. He knelt in front of her and placed a hand on her forehead. Then he lifted her eyelids slightly, looking into her eyes. He left the room, but soon came back with a glass of water. After giving her hand a little squeeze, he left the room. Bambrielle sat there for a moment, gulping down water. She flopped onto her bed, disappointed in herself. Of course, it had to be today. She knew that the first days of investigation were important, and here she was, lying in bed while the others cracked on with the work.
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