The Mistakes of Our Ancestors

The year is 693. In a world wear humans and magical beings are separated, blood is everything. The Halflings, a race created by the mating of magical and non-magical blood, are unwanted. At least, they were until the magical military were wiped out by a mysterious villain. Bambrielle, Onyx, Lucas and Astrid are the four smartest Halflings in the world, and it is their job to find this monster. Can they even manage it? They will need to use their own unique skills to save the world as they know it, while their opponent uses his skills to destroy it. But who is really the villain? Everyone's morality is questionable now...


10. Decisions

Footsteps woke Bambrielle from her sleep. Someone was sneaking down the stairs! She grabbed her sword and snuck out of her room. She followed the sound until she reached the living room, where they did all of their work.

The files were there! Maybe the culprit had come back to steal them! This was bad… The sound of rustling papers confirmed her suspicions.

Carefully, she crept through the open doorway and drew her sword from its sheath. Then she recognised the figure sifting through the papers frantically.

“Onyx, what are you doing?” She lowered her sword.

The man’s head snapped up to look at her.

“Ba-Bambrielle!” He stuttered, “What are you doing up?”

“I heard you genius, now tell me what you’re doing!” She whispered angrily.

“Wow, calm down,” He held up his hands in surrender, “I just wanted to check something.”

“And what is that, exactly?” She placed the sword back in its sheath and placed her hands on his hips, eying him suspiciously.

“I…” His voice faltered.

“Well?” She took a step closer to see the file in front of him.

On the front was a picture of a young girl, probably only six, with long blonde curls and turquoise eyes. Underneath the picture, in black, typewriter stile text, it read:


Witch Halfling’

Onyx seemed to deflate. He slumped, his head down.

“Who is she?” Bambrielle asked cautiously.

“My sister.” He croaked

“Really? How come I never met her? I mean, we were pretty good friends when we were little,” She sat down beside him on the sofa, “Weren’t we?”

“Of course we were.”

“Then… how come you never told me about her?”

Onyx exhaled deeply.

“She disappeared ten years ago. Her window was open and she was nowhere to be found. The military looked for a little while, but they gave up after a few years. She was only eight, I was ten. The way things are, they said she was probably dead.” His voice was quiet and strained, as if he were trying to hold back tears, “As soon as I left the Institute, I tried looking for her and my parents. I… I never located any of them.”

“I’m sorry,” Bambrielle looked down at the floor, “If I’d known it wasn’t something you wanted to talk about I would never have asked.”

“No, it’s okay.” He took a few deep breaths.

He picked up Luna’s file and looked down at it.

“This should at least help me find out who my parents are, maybe it has some information the military found out. It’s not anywhere near enough, but it’s something.” He gripped it tightly, “I don’t want to open it here though. No offence, but I want to be alone when I read this. Who knows what it might say.”

“That’s okay, I’ll go back to bed now,” Bambrielle stood up and made to leave.

“Braille, wait.”

She turned back to see Onyx standing up as well.

“There are files for Hunter Halflings here too. Don’t you want to find out something about your family too?”

She looked away in thought. True, she had never known her parents. Did she want to, though? They left her, a small, blind child, to fend for herself. They didn’t care. But what if they had a reason to not be there for her? What if they were out there somewhere searching for her?

She looked back at the files littering the table. It didn’t take long to find her picture amongst the others. Slowly, she reached out for it, and held it in her hands. Was she sure she could handle it? Everything she needed to know about herself was in this cream, A4 folder.

“I don’t know…” She shook her head, staring at her picture on the front. This picture was taken during her last year at the Ceres Institute. There, smiling up at her, was a girl with long brown hair, with the odd few strands falling into her clouded eyes. Her face was heart shaped, and her skin was pale. This was Bambrielle.

“No,” She threw it down on the table, “These are for the investigation only, it wouldn’t be right.”

“I see,” He smiled sadly, “I had hoped you would do the same so we could keep each other’s secret. Just… just promise me you won’t tell the others about this.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” She gave him a quick hug before grabbing her sword off the floor and heading up to bed.

“I hope it helps you, Onyx.”

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