The Mistakes of Our Ancestors

The year is 693. In a world wear humans and magical beings are separated, blood is everything. The Halflings, a race created by the mating of magical and non-magical blood, are unwanted. At least, they were until the magical military were wiped out by a mysterious villain. Bambrielle, Onyx, Lucas and Astrid are the four smartest Halflings in the world, and it is their job to find this monster. Can they even manage it? They will need to use their own unique skills to save the world as they know it, while their opponent uses his skills to destroy it. But who is really the villain? Everyone's morality is questionable now...


3. Blind

As soon as they were out of the castle gate Lucas piped up. “I’ve heard about you and Gabriel.” He nudged Bambrielle’s arm with his elbow. “Oh please,” Onyx rolled his eyes, pulling his cloak off to reveal a black t-shirt, leather trousers and big black boots, “Braille and old Gabby? No chance.” “Braille?” Lucas’ face wrinkled in confusion. “Onyx is talking about Bambrielle.” Astrid stated, “Don’t you know the story?” All eyes turned to Bambrielle, eager to hear the story once more. Although most people called her Bambi, her closest friends had nicknamed her Braille. Only those friends knew about the story of Bambrielle’s past, before she was taken to the institution. She sighed and recalled the story in as much detail as possible, allowing her mind to return to her four year old self once more. * Bambrielle had been orphaned at birth and she was born blind. Of course, back then she was not called that, she didn’t even have a name. One night, she had used her senses, enhanced by the hunter blood that ran through her veins, to find shelter until morning on the magical half of the divide. It had begun to rain, and her body was weak and fragile due to lack of care. The influenza she had caught the week before was making short work of her. She collapsed, lacking the strength to carry on. Who knows how long she lay there, cold, ill and starving. She felt gentle footsteps along the back road she had stumbled into. They sped up and she felt someone kneel beside her. “Can you hear me?” A young boy’s voice rang in her ears. Weakly, she nodded her head. “I’m going to help you, it’s okay.” He placed a hand on her tiny forehead and took a deep breath. The light produced was so bright, even the little blind girl could sense it. Her body immediately flushed out the flu and felt stronger. She blinked her eyes, white and faded due to blind sight. “Have you always been blind?” The boy asked. “Yes.” Was the response. Gently and carefully, he closed her eyelids, as if laying a corpse to rest. Her eyes began to tingle uncomfortably, but she didn’t complain or squirm. When she opened her eyes once more she was shocked. Before her was a boy, with short brown hair and deep blue eyes. She looked up to the grey sky, to the dirty floor she lay across and back to the boy. She didn’t know how to process it all. She had been blessed with sight. “Wh-who are you?” The girl stuttered, having never been taught manners as she had no family. “My name is Gabriel. Please, follow me.” He helped her to her feet and led her to a large, purple stoned building. A young man was in the hall when they entered and she was whisked away up countless stairs to an office. Gabriel grabbed her a chair and sat her down. He then told the man what had happened. He listened carefully and spoke to the girl. “Hello, child. I am Hibichi Kasaan. You are a Halfling Hunter. This school looks after and teaches people like you. From now on, though, your name shall be Bambrielle. Don’t worry, you are safe here.” * “So that’s why they call me Braille, because I used to be blind.” “Okay, I get it now, but what’s so awful about the whole idea about you and Gabbe? Seems perfect to me.” Lucas shrugged. “There’s a six year age gap, don’t you think that’s kind of wrong?” Onyx stretched. “What does it even matter?” Bambrielle through her arms up in frustration, “I don’t see how you acting like a fangirl over me feeling in debt to someone is going to help us.” Onyx and Astrid laughed; Lucas on the other hand looked ready to kick something. “It would be best if we left now,” Astrid gazed absently at the stars above, “It’s getting late.” So with that they went their separate ways, ready to prepare for the work they would encounter tomorrow.
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