Will he keep his promise? Or will he forget?
Reed to find outt


1. dont forget me justin

Megan's P.O.V:

Im Megan i have long brown hair with red dip dye and green eyes.

My parents died in a car crash when i was 13 and ive been living with my best friend ever since. Btw im 18 now👍.


"Hey whats wrong?" A soft voice spoke.

"Everything" i replied.

"Im Justin by the way, you must be Megan. My mom told me bout what happened to your family, im really sorry for your loss. I hope you feel better." He told me.

After a few years he became my bestest friend and then the year 2009 came..

"I have to go on tour" Justin spoke through the thin air.

"Justin you cant leave me. Promise me you will never forget me please Justin pleasee!" I cried out.

"Megan i promise and i will be back soon, we're forever&always remember?" He hugged me so tight.

"Yeah forever&always Justin" i smiled.

*end of flashback*

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