Just a dream

The dream


4. when I woke up...

When I woke up I found my self on a bed. I looked around and I saw the boys. Liam said rise and shine love. I looked to the other side and I could see harry sleeping on the couch, zain spray painting on the wall, niall eating and Louis talking on the phone with Eleanor. I looked back at Liam and asked where I was and he said I was in their hotel room. Then I asked if I could call my parents and he said Louis took care if that. I quit the questions and asked if I could take pictures with them and get there signatures and numbers. Liam said why not. He took cute pictures with me, sighted my album and then gave me his number then left thee room. Zayn invited me for some spray painting. It was fun, we ended up spray painting each other. We also took silly pictures together. After that Niall said he was going to show me how to play little things on the guitar. I really did enjoy that. I've always wanted to learn it. Last but not least, I asked Louis if I could say hi to Eleanor and he said he didn't mind. She is a really nice person. She told me all about Louis. I really appreciated that. After the phone call me and Louis put wiped cream on Harry's hands and rubbed feathers on his nose. When he woke up he had cream all over his face. Me Louis and zayn where laughing so hard. Niall offered to lick it of his face, but Harry said he was ok. After that Harry and I took all sorts of pictures and then watched Bambi. I cried at the end of the movie...

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