all real

This is based on 'The 1975', fan fiction. No hate please. Also I may get words miss spelled, so sorry.


1. it

"Matty," I sighed

"Why do you have to leave all the time?" I knew he could sense the act of 'guilt-tripping', but I carried on pleading. He pulled me close, his rough hair flopping over his four head.

"I'm in a band" He said almost cluelessly. As if he just discovered himself.

I glanced up and bit my lip.

"You do this all the time, why can't you make room for me?" I said staring off into thin air. His perfect brown eyes sparkled filling with salty tears. He arched his back running his fingers through his hair and pulling the hair away from his head. I watched him nuetrally, not an expression on my face. I was hardly surprised. I did this everytime before he had to leave.

I started packing his socks into his case. He came over to me and held my waist.

"You don't have to..." he paused as I continued for him.

"...Yes Matthew, I do. I'm always such a pig whenever you're about to leave. I get so upset because I hate sleeping alone. Your side of the bed is always cold without you." I cried. I felt him move closer into me, the fur of his ragged denim coat brushing against my arm. He snuggled into me, keeping me warm and feeling soft inside.

His fingers slithered into my hand, his palm was hot.

"Matt," I moaned "stop your too warm"

I grinned, pushing my teeth into my fleshy tongue. He placed his hands on my waist again and palmed me gently over my stomach. I dropped my head in his neck. He began squeezing my hips. I squealed.

"baby, I've got to go" He whispered clutching his Man U' Strappy bag. My eyes became heavy, i struggled holding in my cries. He rubbed his eyes.

"love you promised you wouldn't" Soon I began letting out short whimpers. Tears streaming down my face I let him go.

I sat on my bed for a while before I could manage to atleast stand up and take my hands away from my crying eyes.

As soon as I got up I played the song him and the band wrote me.

'A soft sound, to the way that she wears her hair down. Covering up her face'

I collapsed on my bed and started crying again. I hated when he left. All of the band but george had gone. I was really good friends with george. I got through matthews trips by him. I reached for my phone and began to message him. It was so hard to type as my hands were frequantly shaking...

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