The Love Factor



8. YES!

Tessa ran out of her room. I was afraid of what my mom would said. Anything my dad agrees to, he doesn't usually tell her. I walked downstairs with my hands behind my back. "Hey sweetie! Getting ready for tomorrow?" Mom asked. I nodded. She hugged me. "Mom, can I talk to you?" I asked. "Alright." She said. I took her upstairs. "Did dad tell you already?" I asked. She looked at me in confusion. I stuck out my hand. "Niall proposed!" I squeaked. Her jaw dropped. "When?" She asked. "On my birthday." I said. "But that means it was only 5 days!" Mom said. "I know! He did it in he most romantic way." I said. She hugged me again. "I'm so proud of you!" She said. "So you've been engaged 2 weeks?" She asked. I nodded. "My baby girl is getting married!" She said and hugged me again. 

*A Few Hours Later*

I was chilling with Marlee, Melanie, Katie, and Tessa. "I can't believe you're going on tour the boys!" Katie said. "I can't believe you're marring Niall!" Melanie said. "I can't believe y'all won't shut your mouth!" I said. Marlee leaned against me. "I like how you guys are going crazy about her, when you knew her best friend was my brother and the boys." Marlee said. "Ya, like come on. It's not a big deal." Tessa said. Melanie got a text. She smiled but she was confused. "What?" I asked. "TJ is outside." She said. I raised my left eyebrow. We all ran out to the front yard. "TJ, what are you doing here?" I asked. He winked. I got the message. I motioned for the girls to go back in. We watched out the window. TJ took her hand and knelt down. Still holding her hand, he reached into his pocket. I opened the window so we could hear. "I love you Melanie," he said and we watched her eyes widen, "I want you in my life forever! Will you marry me?" He said, pulling out a box. Her free hand flew to her mouth. "Yes!" She said and hugged him. "Awww." We said. They looked at us. Melanie laughed while TJ's face reddened slightly. We laughed at him. He was always one for not being soft or admitting his feelings, always the tough guy like I used to be. Like I was before I was with Niall. 

*15 Minutes Later*

Gossiping for no reason. That's all I have to say. We were sitting on my bed with Loui, the gossip king. We were going on about stuff that you usually never got out of me. Loui said something that made me a bit angry. "Faggot!" I shouted, but I clasped my hands over my mouth and sunk back. They all looked at me. I kept my hands over my mouth. "Well, no one expected that." Marlee said. They laughed a bit while I was still over come by what I said. "I don't know why I said that." I whispered. "Hey, you're gonna marry Niall the cursing king, may as well be his queen!" Loui said. I couldn't help but smile. 

*Later That Night*

Niall was sitting next to me on my bed at my place. He was stroking my cheek with his thumb. We stared into each other's eyes. "I love you, princess." He said. "I love you, too, cursing king." I said. "Let me guess, Loui?" He laughed. I nodded. He kissed my cheek. "I best get going. We need to sleep. The tour bus will be waiting around 6. We'll come get you." He said. "Alright." I said. I kissed the tip of him nose. He smiled and pressed his lips to mine. It lasted 40 long seconds. He pulled away. "Bye, princess." He said. "Bye." I said. I was sad to see him leave, even if it was just for a night. I set my alarm to 5 so I'd get up on time and so I could get ready.

*The Next Morning*

I groaned as my alarm went off. I got up and turned it off then realized I was going on tour today. I smiled. I got dressed at grabbed my stuff. 5 before 6, I said goodbye to my family. I called my friends and said goodbye, Marlee and I took the longest. I looked out my window and the tour bus was waiting. I left with a smile. Niall helped me with my stuff and we were off. We were on a world tour and we were taking a bus. I rather large bus, but a bus none the less. Thank god there was a TV. It was Friday. "Friday is Bride day!" I said and turned on the TV. I was joined by the boys. We couldn't help but comment on all the dresses. We watched it for so long. By the time it was Noon, we got hungry. Of course Niall and I were always hungry, but you get it. We grabbed something from the mini fridge and some Pepsi. "You sure love your Pepsi." Zayn said. "No shit! It's so good!" I said and my hands covered my mouth. What was up with the cursing lately?! "OK, is it me, or is she cursing more often?" Loui asked. "No shit Sherlock." Harry said. I smiled a bit. Niall took my hands and removed them from my mouth. "I think it's really adorable." He said with a sweet smile. "Shut the front door." I said. He laughed. He kissed my cheek. "It's still so weird for you 2 to do that! You've been friends for so long, just recently admitted your feelings for each other, dated for 5 days, and now you're engaged!" Liam said. "It is gonna take a lot of getting used to." Loui said. "It's still a bit weird for us, too." Niall and I said together. "Aww! That's cute." Zayn said. The boys rolled their eyes. "Eww! Burn it! It's lace!" I shouted at the TV. The boys laughed. "It looks like fecking old lady dress." I said. "It so cute when you try not to curse." Niall said. He kissed my cheek. The boys turned their heads and stuck their tongues out. "Come on Zayn! You do this all the time with Perrie!" I said. "Well, that is true, but still!" He whined. "You, too, Liam and Loui! You both have girlfriends!" I said. They nodded a bit. "As for you Harry. Wait 7 months and I think I have a girl for you." I said. He smiled. By 7pm, the boys were tired from the lack of sleep, as for me, I didn't sleep often, so my eyes were still glued to the screen. "I've always wanted to be on Say Yes To The Dress with Lori." I said. "Really?" A tired Niall asked. "Ya, ever since I started watching this." I said. He nodded. I kissed his cheek and thought. "It's funny that the paparazzi hasn't found us after that night. Still they don't know about us." I said. Niall kissed my cheek and all the boys, counting Niall, starting singing 'They Don't Know About Us'. Before I knew it, I joined in. They stopped to listen to me. I stopped almost right away. I hated my voice. Their jaws dropped. They heard me. "Was I that bad?" I asked. "Renee! You're amazing!" Niall said. "You're just saying that. I can't sing. My mom even told me." I said. "Then you're mom is 10000% wrong!" Loui said. The boys nodded in agreement. "Your mom is jealous if she says you can't sing!" Zayn said. "But why would she crush my dreams?" I asked. Niall wrapped his arm around me. "She's just jealous, princess." He said. I gave a weak smile. 

*15 Minutes Later*

"If you were on this show, who would you bring?" Niall asked. "Marlee, Tessa, my mom, and the boys." I said. "Why?" I asked. He shrugged. Niall and I shared a small bed. We crawled in and fell asleep. 

*The Concert The Following Night*

They started answering questions from the crowd. "Niall! Is it true that your best friend, Renee, is your girlfriend?" One girl asked. "Yes, but how did you find out?" Niall countered. "Magazines." She said. "Well damn." He said. "Is it true that you proposed to her?" Other girl asked. How the hell? "Yes... Curse them paparazzi!" Niall said. The crowd awed. "Well, come on now, Renee! Come here!" Zayn said. I stepped back from where I was, shaking my head. "Come on!" Liam said. The crowded called my name. I stepped back again, shaking my head faster. Loui walked off stage and you heard was me scream. He carried my on stage over his shoulder. I froze when he put me down. I had horrible stage fright. "Kiss!" He crowd chanted. Niall scooted me up and pressed his lips to mine. The crowd cheered. "We've always loved you, Renee!" A few girls shouted, and the rest cheered. Niall pulled away and set me down. "Who wants to hear her sing!" Harry shouted. The crowd cheered. I shook my head. "Harry, please no." I said. "Oh yes!" Harry said. They chanted my name and I panicked. I stopped my breathing a bit. "Guys, you're gonna make her pass out. You don't know what happens when she panics." Niall said. I breathed. "Although, I would like to hear her." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I said. I sang 'Mad World'. The crowd went wild. I smiled. Niall kissed my cheek.

*After The Concert*

"I hate you." I said. "Come on, princess." Niall said. "I hate all 5 of you." I said and walked faster. "Come on, I know you can't stay mad at me! You love me!" He said. "Nope, I hate you." I said, still walking. "Come on! I love you!" He said, trailing close behind me. "Sure." I said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back. "I know you love me." He said. "No." I said. I was just really mad. "I love you." He said. "I hate you." I said. He kissed my cheek. I pushed him away in annoyance. "Let go." I said. "No! Not until you love me again." He said, throwing me over his shoulder. I folded my arm. "Then you can keep me here forever, cuz I hate you." I said. He shrugged and walked off with me. I rolled my eyes. "Why is Renee on your shoulder?" Liam asked. "She hates us. I'm not putting her down until she stops being mad." Niall replied. "I may as well stay here forever then!" I said. Liam walked in front of my face. "Don't hate us, Renee, we love you!" He said. I shook my head. Loui walked in front of me. He gave me puppy dog eyes. "OK, fine! I don't hate Loui." I said. Loui smiled as the others groaned. Zayn whispered something to Niall. "It's what I do with Perrie." He said. Niall started tickling me. "Stop!" I said, trying to breathe. "Not until you say you love us!" Niall said. "OK! I love y'all, now stop!" I laughed. He stopped and put me down. He kissed my cheek. "You're so mean to me tonight!" I pouted. The boys laughed. We headed back to the bus and sat around while we drove. "Who's driving, anyway?" I asked. "Paul." Harry said. I nodded. 

*7 Months Later*

I enjoyed my time with the boys. Now, I was returning home. "I'm home!" I called when I walked though the door. My parents and sister came running. They all hugged me. "You've gotten taller!" My mom said. "Ya, by half an inch." I said. I was now as tall as Niall. "I know. I'm your mother! I notice these things!" She said. I rolled my eyes. I told them all about the concerts. They laughed at the first one. After, I called all my friends and told them. Well, my boy friends won't care, so the girls. After, I got a call from Niall. "Hi." I said. "Remember how you said you wanted to be on Say Yes To The Dress, the one with Lori?" He asked. "Don't tell me. Don't tell me you did." I said. "I did! Next week! I'm flying you and everyone there." He said. "Niall! You're the best!" I said. "Anything for my princess. I even requested that you be filmed." He said. "Get your butt over here so I can kiss you!" I said. "Be right there!" He said quickly and hung up. He was here in seconds. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. I pulled away after a moment. "So, what's the date? And please tell me you used MY last name." I said. "Next Saturday, 4pm. And I did use yours." He said. I hugged him. "Why do you do such nice things for me when you know I hate being fussed over." I asked. "Cuz you're mine. I can do anything. I love you." He said. "I love you, too. I don't deserve you." I said. "You deserve better than me, you're the one I don't deserve." He said. I kissed his cheek.

*5 Days Later*

Marlee, Tessa, mom, and the boys were coming with me. Niall got a private jet to fly us over. He was too sweet. "I love you. I'm going to miss you every second you're gone." He said. "I won't stop thinking about you, I love you, too." I said. He pressed his lips to mine before I got on. No matter how many times we kissed, his cheeks were always red when we did.

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