The Love Factor



2. Mine

I fell asleep in his arms. I fell into a dreamless sleep. I was being shaken awake. "Renee!" Niall called. My eyes fluttered open. I was still on his lap. "What, Ni?" I asked. "Your parents just pulled up." He said. "Shut the front door!" I said. "I love it when you try not to curse." He said. I smiled. "My parents can't know that I'm your lover. They'll get all weird, and my dad will get protective." I said. He nodded. I kissed his cheek and his cheeks brightened. "I'll ask them if I can go on tour with you." I said. He nodded. I got off his lap and we sat on opposite sides of the couch. "It's so hard not to just cuddle with you now. I did it once, now I need to feel you with me." He whispered. My cheeks got warm. "It's gonna be so hard not to tell your parents. I love you so much, it's hard not to show it." He whispered again. I knew what he wanted. I scooted closer and kissed his cheek again, causing his cheeks flushed red. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder. "Pretend to be asleep." I whispered. We were so good at faking sleep, we once tricked Paul into thinking that we were sleeping standing up. I loved Paul like a father, but he hated when the boys had a girlfriend. He always thought they'd spend all their time with their girlfriends and when tour came, he was impatient when they said goodbye. "One last thing. When we 'wake up'," I air quoted, "pretend to be awkward that we're like this." He nodded. I smiled and we closed our eyes. My parents walked in with my sister. "You home, Renee?" My mom called. "She might be asleep." Dad said. They walked into the living room where we were. "Aw. Isn't that cute." Mom said. "It's not cute! My daughter is way to close to Niall. He's a good kid, I like him a lot, but he's not dating my daughter!" Dad said. My heart sank. I knew he'd say that. "Bradley, she's almost 19. She's technically an adult, not a child! She can date a boy if she wants. You have to let her go. You're her father, you and her get along so well. You'll always take up most of her heart." Mom said. "And don't forget how my dad was when he found out I was dating you. He wasn't happy, which made us very unhappy knowing that we couldn't be together." Mom added. "I don't care! I'm her father and I won't allow it!" Dad said. My heart sank. Maybe after us being awkward, he'd change his mind. I yawned a bit to make it seem like I was waking up. Niall did as well. We opened our eyes. "Gah!" We said and pulled apart. "S...sorry!" I stammered. "I...Uhhh..." He said. He gave me a weak smile, and I gave him a shy one. I pushed the hair that hung in my face behind my ear and looked down as if I was nervous. I bit my bottom lip and we pretended not to notice my parents. He smiled a bit and a strand of hair fell in my face. He pushed it back behind my ear. My parents knew how we were. They knew everything we did from our stories. He lifted my chin and I smiled a big shy smile at him. "There's those pretty eyes." He said. My cheeks got warm. Not just cuz I was acting. He wrapped me into a hug and I wrapped my arms around him. In the corner of my eye, I saw my mom snuggling close to my dad's side. 'Aww' she mouthed. "You're my best friend, Renee. Forever." Niall said. "I know, and you're mine." I said. We turned to face the TV and were 'shocked' to see my parents. We pulled away 'awkwardly' and scooted away. "You 2 looked so peaceful when you were sleeping." My mom said. "Thanks I think... Did you bring me food?" I asked. "We brought you both food." Dad said. "Yay!" We said at once and jumped up. We hurried out to see my 10 year old sister had eaten most the food. Niall fell to his knees. "Noooooo!" He said dramatically. I glared at my sister. "You ate my food!" I said and ran at her. I threw he over my shoulder and spun around. She laughed and I smiled. I loved my sister and she was just so cute. "I'm gonna make you pay!" I said as an empty threat. "I'm gonna take your favourite doll for 10 minutes!" I said trying to make it sound evil. She laughed some more as I march around the kitchen with her in my shoulder. 

Niall's POV:

Both Renee and her sister were cute and lovable, but my heart belonged to Renee. After hearing what her father said, I was having second thoughts about keeping it a secret. He didn't like the thought of her dating. I leaned against the doorway and smiled. She was so good with kids, even my 14 year old sister. (Yes, I know, he doesn't actually have a sister... Or at least I don't think he does, I was never good at this... I'm just making this the way I want it to be) I looked at her father. "Mr. Alison, may I speak with you for a moment?" I asked. "Of course! But Niall, it's been so many years, please, call me Bradley!" He said. "I find it much more respectful to call you Mr. Alison." I said. "This is why you were always my favourite out of her friends! You, my boy, are sure a good one." He said, playfully putting me in a head lock and ruffling my hair like my brother always did. (I know he has a brother cuz I know that much) "Sir, this is quite important, do you mind if we go into the living room?" I asked. "Not at all!" He said. We walked in. "So what is it that you want to talk about?" He asked. "You see, I fancy your daughter quite a lot. She makes my heart skip a beat. I would like to know of I could have your permission to ask her out." I said. He frowned for a moment. He was deep in thought. After about 3 minutes, he smiled a bit. "Of course you do! I've seen the way you look at her! I'm not going to stop you from dating her! You're a boy she deserves! Kind and caring! Why, you're a boy I'd love to call family! You're like a son to me, boy! I was about to say no cuz I don't like the thought of my daughter dating, but I know how you are! You wouldn't play with a woman's heart even if it was to save your life! You're a good kid, Niall. I trust you with her, so you best not let me down." He said. I shook his hand. "Thank you very much, sir! I wouldn't let you down! You've left her in good hands!" I said. We got up and walked back. Her father whispered something to her mom and I walked over to Renee. She had already put her sister down and now she was in the middle of her large kitchen. Her parents stood by the doorway. I tapped her shoulder and she turned. I took her hands and held them down in front of us. I leaned in by her ear. "I asked your father to see if I had permission to date you and he likes the idea of it being me. Pretend to be surprised, princess." I whispered. "OK." She whispered back. I pulled my head away and she eyes widened. They sparkled the stars. Her beauty killed me. Her fake surprise was like her real surprise from earlier. She nodded quickly and wrapped her arms around my neck to hug me. I wrapped my arms around her waist to hug her. I looked over at her dad who gave me a smile and a thumbs up. I smiled at him and mouthed, 'thank you'. "You're beauty kills me, Renee. Promise you'll be mine forever?" I asked. "Yes!" She said and she sounded like she was gonna cry. "Are you crying?" I asked her with a silly smirk. "It's not called crying, it's liquid happiness." She crooked. I tightened my grip on her and lifted her off the ground a bit. I was about a half an inch taller than her, so I still had an advantage. "Are you acting or actually...liquid happy?" I asked. "I'm not acting, Niall." She said. We spoke in a hush so her parents wouldn't hear. I loved her a lot. "There is nothing I can do to show you how much you mean to me. Nothing! Not even my words express it enough." I said. She tightened her grip around my neck. "Can we just stay like this forever?" She asked. "If only we could, princess. If only we could." I replied. 

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